Friday, May 23, 2008

Ive lived in this little beach shack for 4 summers. Can you believe its been 4 summers? YES! For 3 summers I would lay in my bed staring outside my sliding glass doors to my side yard full of sticker bushes, sap, weeds, nasty paint peeling off the walls and spider webs galore!
So many wonderful things were happening in my life, yet every morning I woke up and went to bed with this ugliness for a view.
So a couple of months ago it was a sunny Saturday morning and I had no plans. Me! No Plans! So I got into some grubbs and went for a Home Depot run. Got some bamboo, plants, pots, staples and put on my creative cap. I went to town! All on my own! Started pulling weeds, stapling up bamboo and scrubbing the patio floor. After about 4 hours it was done. Now every morning I wake up, open up the slider, smell the flowers and grass and begin my day. :-) At night I turn on the twinkle lites and fall fast asleep dreaming of the life Ive created. Makes me happy everyday and every night.

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Melissa said...

You have an awesome "beach shack" as you call it! When can we come back?
Love you, Mel