Friday, May 23, 2008

Just A Thought

just a thought
for lance

she sees him
a glimmer of thought, that maybe
yes maybe
he could see her
see her for who she was, is
years had passed
time elapsed
the crush
she turned around in line
he followed her lead
he read her mind
a night out of town
a sunny day turned into a summer night
awake in his arms
the sweet smell of a smile
common ideals
common hopes
common lives
too much?
too fast?
too slow?
not enough?
he does not see her now
he only sees that past
he runs away
she knows she must move towards her dreams
she will remember a frozen moment in time
him in her doorway
she can see what he does not know even of himself
she sees what others before her missed
the look in his eyes
that look she had waited for
the look he gave was just for her
it was
just a thought
just a thought of love

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love that you enjoyed the Inn. No place this side of paradise like Deetjen's. I gather you're Norwegian.
Hope you've been there, if not. Another "best place".
Kind regards,
Anita Alan
author, Big Sur Inn:The Deetjen Legacy