Saturday, May 24, 2008

Lakers Playoff tickets! BOX SEATS! Oh yea! Got the killer parking spot, up the escalators and into Suite B. ha ha ha We could not stop laughing! AMAZING! Now all the Lakers have to do is make sure they win so the event was a success! LOL..cuz you know its all about us!

On our drive up we talked about the Red Hot Chili Peppers and how back in da day they were Rick's favorite band. Incredible as this sounds.............Flea, from the RHCP's played the Star Spangled Banner on the trumpet to open the game! What were the odds of that happening? Flea playing the Star Spangled Banner? We both had chills and couldnt help but get choked up at the sound of the song playing.

Beers, tostadas, some shrimp dish and chicken fingers and we were front row of the suite. Feet up, more beers and its your LOS ANGELESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS LAKERS. The game was fast and majorly different from what you see on tv. It was the first live NBA game for both of us and for it to be in a suite during the playoffs was pretty intense. Besides the game of course......stars were everywhere! Jack Nicolson, he got a standing ovation when the camera panned on him, while the camera played the Kissing Game and made couples kissed, they happened to pan on a rather famous couple............THE BECKHAMS! And they gave everyone a show and went ahead and kissed! So cool! Sylvester Stalone, Peter Burg, Flea and a few we didnt know. After lots of yelling, screaming, whoo hoo's and high fives the Lakers won and we had a total blast! Rick is a huge Lakers fan so he was the perfect buddy to take. Thanks Rick!

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Melissa said...

Looks so fun!!! Wish I was there :-)