Sunday, May 25, 2008

This morning I woke up and knew today was a "new" day. A day filled with special gifts. Gifts I decided to give to myself. Not material gifts but the gift of being kind, gentle and loving to my heart and soul.

Today what that means to me is this...

~a run along the beach listening to The Best of The Beach Boys,

~the sun starting to peak out at me as if it was smiling to say "Good morning Angie, since you decided to be kind to yourself today, I will shine just for you to enjoy"

~walking all of the stairs from cardiff campgrounds to swamis

~finding the most perfect rock shaped like a heart

~picking up white seashells and truly enjoying every shell I found and thinking to myself..I live here, I am not vacationing, I can do this any day I wish

~feeling good about my body and how it feels as I walk down the beach......not criticizing my every movement...........just enjoying the fact that I am healthy

~buying some groceries, making myself coffee, cleaning up my little beach shack

~taking a shower

~putting on coconut lotion

all of this knowing...........this isnt for anyone but me. I am coming back to loving myself again, feeling centered, believing in love and true happiness and reminding myself..........all of this took many years to find and no one person can take this away from me. So today I take back my heart, wrap it up in a pink ribbon and commit to being very gentle to myself. Ive recovered from heartache. Today my heart has recovered and I have rejuvenated my soul and my will to be me. I give myself permission to be happy again and believe in the MAGIC OF LOVE.

Peace out.


Melissa said...

Oh bunsie..I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog!! glad you're here.
Love, Mellie Mel Julep Head

P.S. I expect daily posts..ha!

mccabe said...

beautiful, just beautiful.

you are a shining star.