Tuesday, June 10, 2008

but a dream? yes, most certainly.

Do you ever feel like you're dreaming?
Like everything around you is but a dream?

When I stopped at Pannikin this morning the sandwich board outside said....."Are you living your life full of joy and happiness or are you dwelling in a sea of misery? Remember.......its all about location location location!"

I thought...HELL YEA it sure is and my location just shifted and it happens to be pretty damn awesome!

I finished painting the house on Saturday night. By 9pm everything was put back and cleaned up and I was sitting in amazement of what I had just accomplished. My home is what Ive always dreamed. Warm, cozy, inviting, sexy, zen, balanced and I feel like Ive been given a gift. The gift of tranquility.

It doesn't matter where I am in my house now. The living room, the kitchen, my room or the dining room.....I feel

I've arrived.
My home is cleansed of the past and is now in the "PERFECT PRESENT".

Come on in..........mi casa su casa. ~Enjoy


linda said...

Yes, the house is very cool, and pretty. I know you will find peace and harmony there. And, some fun BBQ's this Summer! Can't wait.. love you, Lin

Melissa said...

It looks so beautiful!! You will surely be having some fun times there this summer and more...now I need to come back out to see it again..hee hee.
Love, Mel

Melissa said...

oh and the leaf picture is a beauty...it looks perfect there!