Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Artist on the rise.....

Is she a juggler? Is she a Zen Master? Is she a Master Navigator?
My sweet little niece is so cute and fun. Not only that tho she is really starting to talk up a storm and be this cool little person. She even wanted to stay with me while my sister was leaving the other night! Little Kelis is not only smart but she has an artistic side too.
A couple of weeks ago when we all went camping everyone painted rocks. Keir did a really awesome one at the top right of this photo. Its a sun but its so cool cuz it reminds me of an Indian summer. She also did the one at the bottom right that says love..........it actually says ONE LOVE but you cant see that cuz our little Zen Master Kelis came by my house and saw all of our painted rocks. I was showing her the ones she had painted and she just thought that was the greatest thing that Auntie Angie had her art on display.
When I went back into the backyard to see what she was up to she had stacked all of the rocks on top of each other. Their are people at the beach that will stack tons of rocks like this so my theory is she saw this at the beach and remembered it.
She also remembered the last time she was at the house that I juggled for her. So when she came this time she immediately said "Auntie do the juggler" ha ha. Oh and one last thing about my very intelligent niece........We went for a long walk with Mozelle. When Jen, Kelis, Mozelle and I were walking home Kelis said "Turn here!".......Um yea.......She was telling us where to turn to get to my house. She is 3 and knows how to get to my house! Very advanced I tell ya........


Melissa said...

So precious! I know you love being Auntie Ang to those little girls who are just too cute. Little peanuts..goodness.

linda said...

Hi Angie. Love the pictures. Those kids are the cutest little dolls. And Mozway walking. Hard to believe. Yes, Kelis is very smart. She will only get brighter with the love of her family and her special "Auntie Ang". Way to go! Love to you, Linda