Thursday, October 30, 2008

My wishing well.......

I think Ive read too many fairy tales. Either that or I have a ton of faith in God and the universe. Either way here's the deal. I believe their is someone for everyone. Ive been lucky to have super wonderful men in my life. Ive never been treated so badly that I actually said I dont want anyone in my life. The truth is......I do want a man in my life. Ive come a long way baby and its time to reap the rewards of all my hard work. Its time for me to sit back and enjoy.
And that I plan to do.........starting RIGHT NOW! At this very moment I am saying to myself....."Damn girl, you have made a real life for yourself" "Something you can truly be proud of" and now its time to share all that great stuff with an awesome guy.
You all know me. Cant you totally see me sitting at sunset with the perfect man for me drinking the wine in the picture above at sunset? YES!
Can you imagine my perfect guy for me and I all bundled up, snowboards in tow, driving to Mammoth for a week long boarding trip?
Say it with me....YES I CAN!

Imagine with me......that awesome guy and I just on a whim take off to Italy to visit my heritage in Calabria! He and I walk the city all day long, stopping only to sit in a cafe' with a delicious bottle of vino and a baguette with some incredibly scrumptious melt in your mouth cheese. ahhhhhhhhhh can you smell the bread? I CAN!

Next stop for my lover and I? Yes you guessed it..........Costa Rica! Its October and we've been traveling alot but now its time to rest and relax and cut up some fresh juicy limes for our 'Imperial' beers. They arent very cold but we dont mind because were just grabbin them to walk to the beach for a quick surf session. The birds in the trees create the most memorable getaway ever.......

Its January! My perfect guy for me and I decide to bundle back up and head to
He loves to travel and is up for anything. We all love him for that!
We stroll through Central Park together and even take the cheesy horse and carriage ride just to say we did it. He is so sweet and funny he tops off the corny ride by getting me a single rose. We spend the entire day in China Town in a little restaurant that we cant pronounce but could care less. We eat dim sum and sip our soup and just enjoy being warm for a few hours before we have to head outside for a long walk back to the hotel. Before we know it, its time for dinner and like me, he loves to be in jeans and tshirts but when youre in NYC you become very fancy and we get all dressed up for our big night out to Babbo. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Because we love to travel we invite all of our friends and family to Maui for the greatest trip of our lifetimes. Our wedding.
Its casual. All the girls are in sundresses and all the guys are in board shorts and flip flops. At sunset we have a small ceremony and afterwards we all toast to the couple who after searching all their lives for one another have finally come together.......
If dreams do come true this would be mine.
Good days or bad days somehow I always manage to keep my faith in God and the universe that I am deserving. He is on his way to me.
............Now if he could just hurry up!


Melissa said...

I'm sayin' it with you..."Yes I can"....I LLLLOOOVVVEEEE this post...amazing manifesting work you're doing. I can see you and YOUR guy in everyone of those scenarios and will find him bunsie will. you will. you will.
Love you, Mel

WiZ said...

this one made me smile. i need to take notes.

linda said...

Very Cool... You go girl. He will come. And he will wonder what took him so long to find you (his little treasure). Never give up, he is coming.. Love you, Lin