Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nurture thy soul..............

Today I woke up with a sense of feeling nurtured all the way to the core of my being. I didnt wake up feeling lost, insecure or wondering "whats next". I woke up knowing its all going to work out. I started off the week by meeting up with McCabe at her magical cottage by the sea. We talked, ate & drank for nearly 3 hours. It felt good to be open and honest and to hear myself say the words Ive longed to hear come out of my mouth...........I am truly happy. I am truly safe. I am truly pure of my intentions to the universe. Finally I am free of the suffocating feeling of emptiness and and the annoying feeling that I just dont know where life is going to take me. I dont feel that way any longer. I AM FREE.

As I walked onto the jetty at ponto this morning a guy dressed in jeans, uggs, sweatshirt and some very cool glasses was standing out towards the end staring out at the waves. He said Good morning and so did I. I took the picture of the Loved As Is rock, watched the surfers for a bit then turned to walk back to my car.


Ponto jetty is a very magical place. I have said prayers there for many years and so has my dad. Its kinda the place we go when were feeling like we need to be closer to God. I guess we think we will be heard more clearly while praying if we are in a place that makes us feel so good. And magically, Ponto jetty always does the trick.



On Monday, just as I left McCabe's, she handed me the painted rock *Loved As Is*

which is so typical of her to know exactly what nourishment a friend needs. And boy did I need it! But she has also said time and time again that she loves to leave her rocks all over the beach area for people to find. To spread joy and happiness in her own little way.


So today as I was leaving me and dads "secret spot" I realized that my Ponto jetty energy rejuvenation morning may not have been only for me. As I walked across the sand and was nearing my car the man on the jetty was also getting into his car. He is a nice looking man with blonde sun kissed scraggly hair. He looks like he just woke up, thru on his jeans and was on a surf check. This just happens to be my favorite look on a man.


I got into my car. He in his. I turned the ignition. But stopped. I took the rock and walked over to his car. Tap tap tap on his window......
"I guess I am supposed to give this to you" I said
"To me?" He said
"Yes, its for you" "Have a great day" I said
"THANKS!" He said
I turned and walked back to my car and we waved to each other as I drove away...........Thanks to McCabe and her sweet little slice of heaven for all to enjoy and to me for thinking to myself...........maybe this man, just like me, needs to know...........HE IS...........


mccabe said...

i love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what wonderful serendipity.


Carmen said...


This is the good stuff.

Anonymous said...

the universal gift! everyone benefits! LOVE this!

Melissa said...

How did I miss such a good one? What a beautiful post...your discovery of freedom and joy of loving you and then your selfless act of giving up the rock that you just cherished. I feel like I know that spot from the many times you've told me of trips..I can see you there in my minds eye and what a lovely picture. To you bunsie!

linda said...

Too Amazing. You are so spiritual. God is Good. he rewards you all the time. Like the Belly Up deal. Way to go! Love to you, Lin