Thursday, March 5, 2009

2 girls, a sunny day and some good ol' eric clapton...

I am partial but I happen to think I have the prettiest momma ever! Saturday mom picked me up at 11 (ON THE DOT!) and we drove out Del Dios HWY to Hernandeaz Hideawy. mmmmmmmmmm we had Margaritas and brunch. HA! Who cares its almost summer!

Hernandez Hideaway is a little Mexican restaurant out in the middle of no where but it is so yummi! This is a pic of the restaurant and some cute workers sittin out havin a beer. Course I made them wave! ;-)
Lake Hodges.............not a bad way to spend a Saturday huh?
We had some time to kill before we were meetin up with pops so we mozied out yonder to Orfila Vineyard! A little browsing and a quick glass of their Award Winning Chardonnay we were back on our way!
Jammin to some Eric Clapton..............wind blowin..............what an awesome day!
After 2 failed attempts at restaurants that had closed down.......we ended up at Joes' Crabshack, window table, overlooking the harbor in Oceanside. WOW. The luck-o-the-Trulson's!!!!

Thanks for a great day mom and pop. Im a lucky girl! XOXOXO


Melissa said...

These are sooo much fun were you two having? ALOT!..I know this because you smiled and dialed..tee hee

linda said...

This is a great one. I wish I could do half the stuff you guys get to do. One of these days. Mark my words. My time is coming!! Lots of love and good prayers, Linda