Friday, March 20, 2009

Lakers game was fun but what bout' LL?

Left Encinitas at 4 and got to the game by 630. Not to shabby. Got off on Pico and whipped right into Lot 1 and into the Staples Center like champs! Up 2 flights and into B-15 VIP box. SWEET!
Grabbed ourselves some yummi apps and an Amstel and we were good to go! OH YEA!
Jack having a little convo before the game starts. The Lakers are winning, beers are cold, Jen and I are havin a blast but really we were just biding out time waitin for the big screen to pan on this guy:Sittin next the where the players are standing in the White t-shirt and white ball cap is none other than LL Cool J. We could see his diamond chunks (as Jen called them) all the way up in the VIP box! He would move or turn and they were blinding!!!!! Finally just after the 3rd quarter they panned on LL and kept the camera on him for a while. The crowd went crazy. Jen and I sat in silence. He did his signature lip lick and that was bout that.
Back on the road, 5 was closed, detour thru Long Beach, back on the 710 and onto the 5 and home in 1.5. Thats what Im talkin' bout.
Thanks for drivin Jen! That was so fun!!!!!!!!!


Melissa said...

Fun times for you and Jen..yay! She must have been so excited to get out and have some free time! And LL..are you kidding me?! I've always had a major crush on him..goodness!

linda said...

Awesome!! Was the first pic of Jack Nicholson? And LL Cool.. I am glad you had fun.. Keep on truckin'.. Love, Lin