Friday, July 17, 2009

When the going gets tuff............

...............the tuff go kayaking!

Life is too short to wait around for fun stuff to come my way - so Im making my own fun! I got a kayak yesterday, went up to paddle sports in Carlsbad and bought a life vest (of course its lavender with butterflies all over it) and was ready to give it a go.

Ive kayaked a few times while on vacations. A few times in Manzinillo, Mexico and once in Ka'anapali, Maui. Thing is, you have the resort guys that set you all up and all you do is sit in it and they push you out into the calm surf. Ha ha - not so much when you're doin' it on your own as a sport!

Jen and Alf are on vacation so moms and pops are watchin the girls. They all went to Cruise Night in downtown Encinitas last night, so on my way to kayak I stopped and we all went to Giovanni's for dinner then they met me at Cardiff reef to watch me kayak.

The kayak weighs 50lbs so its a lil awkward takin it off the top of my truck. Then I had to manhandle it a bit to be able to carry it properly to the water. Once at the shore Kelis and Mozi immediately wanted in "the boat" as they called it. So friggin cute! I taught Kelis water safety by putting the life jacket on her (even tho she didnt go out in the water).

Lil Mozi is just the sweetest lil girl. She is always holding Kelis's hand and they are constantly huggin on each other. I mean cmon'...........can they be any sweeter? Melts my heart.

So I waved g'bye to the Plumsie and Suggah and off auntie went into the surf. Waves are bigger when you get out there. Luckily Ive done it enough times and knew what to do. Basically paddle your ass off til youre out past the surf!!!!! Pretty simple. LOL

Got out, waved at the fam and then paddled over to the surfers at suckouts. Surfers and kayakers arent friends so of course they completely ignored me. I knew enough to stay on the outside in the event that one of them was trying to catch a wave. Even the standup paddle boarder guy ignored me. I guess kayakers and stand up paddle boarders arent friends either!

Once I get out on a regular basis I will force them to be friends with me. ha ha

Other than being a little scared, since I was out their alone, it was amazing. The water was crystal clear and the sun was shining on the ocean. It was really quiet out there all alone. I came in once said bye to the fam then went back out and paddled back over to suckouts.

When I came in the second time the waves had picked up so it was a little hairy. I had to lay down flat on my back in order to ride the waves in without tipping over the kayak. It was an adrenaline rush and really fun. I got cooled off by the surf and got some exercise. Mission accomplished ;-)

Oh, and when I came in my pops had stayed behind to help me with the kayak in case I needed him. He watched as I loaded it and he helped me get it all secured with the tie downs. I think I could've pulled it off alone but it was nice to know that if it was too hard, pops was there to save the day.

Got home and unloaded it, washed it down and its sleeping in the garage now. Lovin the summer life! Hope this weather holds up for a couple more months so I can get good and maybe join a club and meet some people that like to kayak all the time. It was fun doin' it alone but it would be fun to have people to talk to and I think I would go further too. I was a bit of a baby and didnt go very far from shore. ha ha! Oh and when I bought the vest the owner was telling me how all the kayakers meet up at Humphrey's at the Bay for concerts! They all secure to one anothers kayaks then watch concerts from the water. I would love that!!! Yippee more fun stuff to PLAN!

The Summer of Fun ~ Cant beat it ;-)

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Melissa said...

woo did it! fun times on the ocean..i'm sure you'll become a pro and just manhandle that kayak in no time! are you feelin' it in your waist yet you will i bet..after 2 hours on the river last week i was sore for days!