Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I saw this bowl at my friend Dan & Michelles house last year when they had a BBQ at their house. It was more of a work thing for me cuz at the time I worked with them but didnt really know either of them. Keir and I went to the BBQ and we both agreed Dan was really funny and we liked him. Michelle was reserved and quiet and barely said two words to us. ha ha YES YOU MICHELLE!
Fast forward to 2010 and Michelle and I became friends. Maybe she could tell you how cuz I dont remember but somewhere along the way she and I totally hit it off. I think we both really love to workout, dig all kinds of music and are two girls who quickly realized we better stick together cuz their arent many girls who are REAL and DOWN TO EARTH these days. Especially in CALI!
We went to a concert (JOHN BUTLER TRIO) and I think that was what really sealed the friendship. So rad!
One day she had me over for a BBQ at her place. Again, Im totally attracted to this friggin bowl on their counter! What in the world is up with this damn bowl????? So I said "Whats the story with this bowl cuz I love it!" She told me Dan got it one time in Cabo and when she and he went on their first vacation together they went to Cabo and she got him another plate very similar to it. That lil plate sits right next to the plate I love.........
Well isnt that the sweetest story you've ever heard? Well to me it was. So in August for their wedding gift I painted them the image from the bowl.
It was so hard to begin. I wanted to make sure when I was done they knew what the hell it was! I was so worried I wasnt going to be able to pull it off!
As soon as I got the two main blooms onto the canvas I could breathe a sigh of relief. I was going to chill and finish it the next night. I went to bed. Yeah right. 20 minutes of tossing and turning I knew I had to get my ass up and finish it while the creative energy was flowing.
This was taken at 1am
Just about done..........Signed. Now all I have to do is the top coat of gloss .......tomorrow.
I gave it to them with a little note explaining why I painted them this image. Maybe the bowl didnt have much meaning to them but it did to me. It signified the beginning of a life of love and happiness for them. From meeting, dating & trips they've taken to what the future brings. Im such a sap. I am so in love with LOVE its silly sometimes. They are a sweet couple embarking on the rest of their lives and Im really lucky to be here with them in the beginning.
Im sure sometime in the near future I'll be in the baby's room with Michelle and she will be saying "What the hell should we do with the babys room?" ha ha Hopefully their arent any other mexican bowls from Cabo nearby..............


pinksundrops said...

What a beautiful bowl and painting! And what a meaningful, heartfelt gift. I'm sure it brought tears to their eyes and will be just as cherished as the original.

pinksundrops said...

Maybe even more so as it was done by a friend based on the meaning of their relationship now!

Anonymous said...

I've seen this before of course but what a sweet gesture..I'm sure they loved it!!