Monday, May 2, 2011

Warm Weekends Ahead

The weather couldnt have been more perfect this weekend! It was 75 to 80 throughout the weekend with a slight breeze. Friday night Phil and I relaxed and enjoyed the nice warm night with the door to the backyard open, breeze coming in and a nice quiet evening.


Saturday it was up-n-adam! Phil slept in for a bit while I whipped up breakfast in bed for him. First day of seeing patients at Foundation so he had a big day ahead! Go hunny!


By noon he was done and we took a quick break with beers and Mike's before heading to the Alderman's baby shower out at Stone Brewery. Wow what a gorgeous place! Its filled with gardens and ponds and just the most serene place Ive been to in a long time. Everyone was having a great time. Food was great and looks like the turnout was maxed out! Everyone showed! haa haa

~Momma Michelle~
~Hunny with his Chamay~

~What a gorgeous day!~

No rest for Phil and Angie! Sunday he had to get up early again for his big debut at the Carlsbad Street Fair! They had a great turnout at their booth. Lots of people interested in Acupuncture and Fitness Training so overall it was a huge success!!! Of course I dragged him away for an hour for lunch with my dad and mom at Henesseys! Mmmmmmmmmmmm perfect Sunday! Perfect weekend!!!!


One of many..........Life is Rad.

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