Wednesday, March 14, 2012

2 wee ones, an accidential pub crawl with a wolf pack of Gallos & a quiet lunch......

Well this weekend was a giant accident of FUN FUN AND MORE FUN!!!!!!!!! We had Plum and Shug for a few hours on Friday. Our friends had asked us earlier in the week to go to pizza at the new Pandora's Pizza in Leucadia. We said we couldnt cuz we were watching the girls. But once the girls arrived we were re-thinking our decision because the idea of driving to Solana Beach to go tackle the mobs at Pizza Port became pretty unappealing. I called Ranelle and said we were gonna come if there was room for us. She said absolutely! We get to Pandora's and their are 2 surprises. 1st Pandora's is owned by our high school friends that also own Bull Taco.....SURPRISE! And the 2nd surprise was it was Ranelle's birthday! Ok, now most people would be excited and happy.........I was so mad! How could her husband or her not have told me it was her birthday party!!!!!!!!!! No gift, No card...........Nothing! Oh man is Mike gonna pay! ha ha But Ranelle didnt want to make a big deal so that's why they kept it quiet. I understand so we told them they must come to our house for a proper party with us. Brats!Plum and Shug had a great time. Ends up family friends were there and they loved that their mommy had known the Haber Family all her life and they got to meet all the people their mommy knew when she was a kid. They jumped on Carole's lap like they had known her for years. Those Habers are all so awesome. Family then, Family forever.
Phil with George and George Haber
Maz and Kelis with their birthday cupcakes

Ranelle is the girl in the purple top! Melissa, now you know who Im talking about all the time.......her and her husband are the ones who camp!

Got back to the house and as promised were off to the jacuzzi! Got to have your spa attire on.....they loved the slippers! ha ha

Saturday mornin' we had a yard sale and SOLD a ton of junk! The garage is clean and my car fits and we can now successfully get to the laundry. A year later..............Oh well we did it and now all of our things we combined when Phil moved from LA is done and we are stuck together forever cuz now we only have one of everything! ha ha FOREVER PHIL! LOL After the yard sale we met up with Phils Bro Tommy, his son Andrew, his Sister Mare & her daughter Olivia @ Encinitas Ale House MmmmmmmmmmmmmmmYummi! Beers and Fish & Chips. Hi Encinitas on a sunny Sunday............cant beat it! We thought that would be it but we all decided to enjoy our town and walk around a bit. Encinitas Trading Company and Queen Eileens are local lil shoppes that have all sorts of trinkets, tshirts, handmade items, you name it.........So we had ourselves a ball. Everyone was trying things on, buying things for one another.......pure comedy. The brothers ran into The Saloon for a shot and then we all went over to the Seaside Bazarr for more shopping! More? YES!

The sun was still warm and we werent done spending time together so we all went to Wine Steals sat outside and finished up our impromptu family style pub crawl with beer and a boatload of desserts.

Marianne, Me, Olivia, Andrew, Phil & Tom

ha ha did you think the day ended there? OMG! We took the boys over to H&M cuz they had never been there. Shopped some more, then to Tilly's for more shopping, Casa De Bandini for a beer..............and finally the day eneded with 5 Guys Burgers and Fries for dinner!!!! Not to mention one last Gallo........Poppa Carmine met up with us. Friggin hysterical!!!! 7 hours from start to finish with what was supposed to be "Lunch".

Sunday we slept in and OH NO! Its another sunny day...............rise and shine..........time for more fun!!!! We went to our lil spot at blue ribbon pizzaria

The chef cuts the bread into a heart. Its so cool I love it! Our food was delicious and the day was a perfect ending to our weekend of fun in the sun.

~Life is Rad~

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Fun fun, cali fun! Oh how i love some cali fun! Wish We could be there:)