Friday, May 30, 2008

Once upon a time long long ago, their lived a caterpillar. This caterpillar was very sad. It was very sad because it tried and tried to be happy and never could. It tried everything it thought. But like most sad caterpillar's, this sad caterpillar was wrong. So one day the caterpillar inched its way to the jetty at Ponto and made several wishes......

~Wish one, please keep my caterpillar family safe.
~Wish two, please give me tools to be happy.
~Wish three, please bring me a caterpillar that will share my life with me, love me, laugh with me, go thru life with me, and enjoy all the things I enjoy.

Yesterday this caterpillar went to her friends house. They have this beautiful sanctuary where she can go to create her dreams.Her friends helped her to be clear on her desires and dreams and together with their love and kindness, she created her vision of oceans, love, happiness, truth, honor and forever.

When she was done she stepped back and saw sparkles of her dreams etched on a beautiful blue canvas of love.

What she realized when she awoke this morning was all her three wishes have come true but one. Its the last one. Her wish of that caterpillar to share her life with. This morning as she lay looking at her dreams on the canvas she laughed to herself......My last wish can only come true if I stop being this sad caterpillar. So before she began her day she came out of her cocoon and became a BUTTERFLY.

Now this isn't the end to this story. Today is only the beginning. The beginning of "Angie's Story" and the day she became a butterfly. Today she is flying high and her final wish is about to come true. Her wish is just over the horizon and he is flying towards her.

~the beginning


mccabe said...

your dreamboard is magical
and so are you.


mccabe x

Melissa said...

Who says you're not creative...YOU'RE Crazy!! It's so beautiful and your most wonderful dreamy perfect man is finding you right now...RIGHT NOW!
Love you, Mel

linda said...

Very cool. I love the pictures, and the creativity. You are totally on the right track. Love you.. Auntie Lin