Monday, June 2, 2008

Saturday Keir and I went to Torrey Pines and hiked for two hours. Man was it a gorgeous day. All of the trails we went on lead us to a view of the ocean. We saw dolphins! It was so amazing. Our last trail we went on took us down to the beach. That was so cool cuz I have hiked there so many times but never had taken the trail all the way down to the beach. We got down and collected seashells and played in the ocean. Incredible day!
Keir at the first stop. Smiling but knowing Im going to make her go to the next trail which means she will be getting sweatty. LOL!

Us at the peak overlooking the dolphins. Sorry but you cant see them. But we could!

Hung out at mom and dads for a bit on Sunday and got to visit with Jen, Kelis and Baby Mozelle. Got this picture of half the girls. Grandma Karen was sitting over to the right with mo-zway. How lucky are we to all be able to visit any time we want! Love it. Loved the weekend. Love my life. :-)


linda said...

I love this one.. The pictures are beautiful!! Thanks for sharing. I have to work tonight, but off tomorrow. I will blog after that too. Love ya.. Lin

mccabe said...

your daughter is soooo beautiful! and you girls look more like sisters-i am sure you hear that all the time. :)

mccabe x

Melissa said...

YAY..more pics...they're awesome...Keir still looks like she did in Oct..ha.seems like 2 years ago we were there..can i just come this weekend with the doggies?
Little Mo-zway..too need to send me new pics of her..I haven't seen her since she was born and Kelis is way are truly blessed to be able to spend as much time as you want with your family and especially the nieces...your Auntie Ang :-)
Love you, Mel

keir said...

that day was so fun :)
love you!!!!!!!!