Tuesday, June 3, 2008

This is a new one for me. I am showing you my work in progress. My entire life I have only done unveiling's. No one has ever seen the actual before image. LOL! With blogging I want to be open and let you in so here ya go. THE BEFORE IMAGE! The blue wall is the one I just painted. The wall to the right is the ol ugly cream yukky color thats been there for a hundred years. (I swear they didnt paint before I moved in 4 years ago) After tonight that wall to the right of the blue will be a cinnamon color. I am so excited I can barely stand it!

Another shot of the new MYSTIC BLUE :-)

Contrast of the blue and ol cream color. Can you see how blah it is? WOW, crazy Ive lasted 4 years with it.

So the wall to the left of the blue will also be blue. My uncle is coming over tonight with his 12 foot ladder to paint the high ceilings. Thank GOD for Frank! Not only does he own a painting company but he is the best uncle on the planet!

My room. I did the blue on that wall and the wall to the left. The ugly wall to the right will be cinnamon after tonight! ohh la la One last interesting tidbit. Um, wow, there is stuff under my bed that I apparently have forgotten existed. I found a note from LIOR and an old journal from 3 years ago. So after everything is painted, before I put my room back together, I vow to clean EVERYTHING out from under my bed. Its bad energy to have items under you bed anyways! By painting and cleaning I am opening up new energy for love to enter into my life. :-) He will enter into a home of love and newness. No old energy to stop him from entering my life! YAY!


Melissa said...

It looks so great!!! Will the ceiling also be blue? That will be B-utiful!!! Can't wait to see the finished product. Love you, Mel

linda said...

Yes, I saw Frank in action yesterday. It will be awesome. Angie, you HAVE to see Sex And The City. You will laugh till you pee. It was a good film. I rarely say I would see something twice.!! Anyway, We can go to "CATS" and have a good time. I'm going to blog now. Don't read it until you see the movie. Love L