Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Painting in Progress - Part Deux

My little beach shack is officially UNDER CONSTRUCTION! Painting the first wall Sunday, then the two walls on Monday in my room were nothin compared to what was done last night. Professional MASTER PAINTER uncle Frank came over and what he accomplished in 4 hours was insanity! He was cutting in the ceiling while I was taping off baseboards and, my house is filthy!

Luckily he was so busy he didnt noticed my disgust. So not only will I be cleaning out the "Old memories" from my bedroom, but I will also be plain ol' CLEANING! My kitchen is nasty so that will be the first thing to be overhauled after the painting is complete. The good news (since Ive totally grossed you out now) is that the colors I picked are exactly what I imagined and I am so excited for all of this to be done, clean and ready for its unveiling! Thanks for all your help FRANK and a little smidge of help from mom too. (She stopped by and taped off the dining room baseboard) Hey I'll take all the help I can get! Tonight I am finishing my bedroom and the hallway........maybe the kitchen if its not too late.......and THURSDAY I will tackle the rest of the living room! Almost done.........WHEW!

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Melissa said...

It looks great! I love the cinnamon!!'re almost there sweets. By the weekend you'll have a brand new house!
Love, mel