Thursday, June 5, 2008

Its official.........Im pooped.

I finished my room! I cut in and taped off for what seemed to be a thousand years! I actually got a little pissy while I was painting last night. The exactness of taking a brush, holding my hand steady and cutting in a perfectly clean line was annoying me. LOL ...The results are amazing tho so I pulled my head out of my ass, stopped complaining, turned up D'Angelo and finished my entire room and put all the pictures back up! WHEW! And promised, I cleaned out under my bed. Now all thats left under there is a bat (to hit any possible intruders with) and a giant cop flashlite. This weekend I need to shop for a pink ROSE QUARTZ stone and place it under my bed for LOVE. (per Melissa's recommendation) and I need all the help I can get in the L.O.V.E. department so a shoppin I will be goin! :-)
I really love how the cinnamon turned out. Its actually called Chivalry Copper but I like to call it cinnamon cuz it sounds better.

The contrast of the Coastal Mist and the Chivalry Copper is exactly what I imagined. The Coastal Mist sends me away to the Hampton's and the Chivalry Copper reminds me of sunsets on Ka'anapali. mmmmmmmm Im ready for a Pina Colada!


mccabe said...

LOVE IT angie!!!
now could you help me paint my house?

love you,
mac xx

linda said...

Looking good Angie. I know this Summer you will feel so at home in this little abode. Abosultely love it!! And you have that real nice grill outside, Summer Fun is in store. Talk to ya later, Love and Peace, Lin

Melissa said... looks sooo good!!! Why can't I come this weekend...phewy!
Love you, Mel