Thursday, June 5, 2008

Life's a Beach

Sometimes one just needs to stop and smell the roses. Today this one stopped dropped and rolled! I drove my tired ass to the beach, opened up the window, stuck my feet up, put on some Ray LaMontague (thanks Mel) and watched the waves crash and the seagulls fly. After goin' goin' goin' for days and days I just needed a rest.
For me resting is "not thinking". The beach is my meditation garden. Watching the ocean and the grass swaying in the wind is so peaceful to me. I decided tonight I will not be painting. I'm gonna plop on the couch and watch the Lakers kick the Celtics asses and drink some Amstels. The house ain't goin' anywhere. Plus I need to support my people. The Lakers cant win if I'm not paying close attention. :-) GO LAKERS!


linda said...

Hey.. What beach was that? Looks great. We all need time off to rest and re-group. You go girl! Talk to ya soon. Love Lin

Melissa said...

Just lovely...I'm thinking you have something very importantay to blog about...hee hee!!! CAN NOT wait until June 20...4:45!