Monday, June 9, 2008

I'm leavin' on a jet plane................

Friday morning I woke up and first thing I thought was..........I wish I were in NYC with Melissa at Balthazar (picture in caption)on our way to lunch to have apps, yummy wine and more than anything.....girl time! I have really been missing Mel and she and I have been asking the universe to bring us together since January! She and Ben had visited Cali last summer and we all had a great time. Ever since Ive been missing her terribly. (Ben too of course) So Friday she and I were on the phone and she shared with me that she and Ben had a set back in their adoption process. It really hit me hard. Not only was my friend hurting but I couldn't be there for an "Its going to be okay" hug. We got off the phone and I just could not stop the tears. I sat quietly at my desk working on a report but being that my boss sits directly to my desk in a glass office he could not help but see that I was upset. He just flat out said "whats wrong". I have a hard time sharing with him because he is MY BOSS. But from the day I started at this company he and I clicked and became friends almost instantly. I chose to share what was happening with Mel & Ben and that I just wished I could be there. He said "well, you're going!" Of course knowing my financial limits I knew that was not possible for now. It didn't take him but a blink to realize why I wasn't going and he said again "You're going!" "Use my miles on American. YOU'RE GOING!" Within minutes I had accepted his generous gift and booked my flight. 10 minutes later I was on the horn to Mel with my little surprise..................."How does the 20th sound?" I said............."How does the 20th sound for what?" she said. "For me to come to Asheville?"....................silence. "Get the FUCK outta here!" she said.........We both just giggled uncontrollable for 5 minutes after and immediately started planning all the stuff we will do when I arrive! Seeing the house, Ben's clinic, Biltmore Estates, hikes, Ben playin the banjo, Birchie, Motor, Shelbs, Baby Ezra's room, wine, food and conversation...........all the stuff we miss as best friends for months at a time! Holy Shit! I'm going to Asheville! See you in 10 days and a wake up little Mellie Mel Julep Head! Like I said................Dreams do come true. Thanks Steve!


linda said...

Hey Angie.. that was so amazing. Good boss. He really is a dream come true for you. I'm praying for a safe and wonderful flight,, and a great visit with your friends. It is so important to be able to (at least once in awhile) to get out of "Dodge" and do those things. Hip Hip Hoooray! Love you, Lin

Melissa said...

Dreams DO come true! I still can't believe you're actually coming...last night I looked at Ben out of the blue and said "Ang gets to see where we live"!! It's just amazing and your boss needs an award...maybe you could have him a trophy made or something..ha!! Do I ever have just wait:-)
Love you! Mellie

mccabe said...

soooo lovely,
you girls will have a blast.

love the pic of you two pretty ladies!!

mccabe xx