Monday, June 30, 2008

How many blessings can one take?

This weekend started off with pickin up Keir and her bfrind Blake. First of all they are so sweet to each other and secondly...........WHAT A CUTE PAIR they make! We went to Pizza port and Blake snagged us the best table in the house. We got yummi pizza, passed around Rolling Stone mag and discussed global warming. Lemme tell ya how funny it is to a parent to discuss global warming with my 15 year old and her bfriend. Its an odd feeling knowing your baby is growing up and has interests and opinions on major life issues. Incredible.
Saturday we went to the beach with the whole fam, minus mom, dad and uncle Frank. Otherwise the whole clan was camped out. Kelis adores Keir and Keir adores Kelis. I think they were separated at birth. Jen may as well have had Keir cuz my child looks exactly like her aunt! HA HA. The water was super warm and the waves were so awesome. While I body surfed, my Aunt Lin boogie boarded and we both caught a few waves. Sure felt good to be in the ocean and it always grounds me to have my feet in the sand. ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Baby Mozelle has arrived. Home girl is about to walk! She gets up and holds herself up and has started taking steps. She is only 7 months old! Both Kelis and Mo-Zway are very advanced so Mozelle walking at 7 months is no surprise to Auntie Angie. She was ready to cruise at the beach on Saturday and Sunday I was holding her as she walked and I tell ya this girl is gonna be runnin' but 4th of July!

After a long day at the beach Keir and I set out to get dinner. We drove from Encinitas to Cardiff with our tummies growling and no idea of where we felt like goin. At the last second I remembered ISLANDS! ahhhhhhhhhhhh saved by tortilla soup and a BLT! It was still so warm and sunny after dinner the two Gemini's were not tired enough. We stopped at Ponto, laid out a blanket and watched the sunset. Sunday we slept in, again, then went to Americana in Del Mar for some seriously delicious grub. The sun popped out and it was time to begin our Sunday adventures. We drove to PB and rode our bikes around Mission Bay. Man, could the weekend get any better? YES! Mom and dad got home early from their trip to Morrow Bay so Keir and I made a meat and cheese platter and we ventured on over to their place for snacks and Sunday sunset. I mean many blessings can one take? I am one lucky mom, daughter, sister and niece. Another week has begun. What happiness awaits?


linda said...

Too awesome. I hope the blessings keep coming. You deserve them. I had so much fun on Saturday. The water, the sun, the temperature, all the kids, Mozelle almost walking.. too great. Love the whole clan. Yes, 4th of July should be really a blast! Looking forwar to it. Love, Lin

Melissa said...

Awesome..glad you guys had an amazing are truly blessed to have all your family right there with you!

mccabe said...

YOU are a blessing.

Beulah said...

Good words.