Tuesday, July 8, 2008

FINALLY! out of my blue-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Well Im not exactly sure what in the hell has been going on with me. Just feeling so blue and sad. The weather always affects me so that is part of it. Yesterday I had enough of it so I got Keir to come home, cuz that solves half my problems which consists of missing my daughter. So with one happiness added to my day I decided to SNAP out of it and get to the gym! WoW, I think working out and getting my endorphins kicked in is half my battle. Note to self on that one. So anyhoo..........Now that Im feeling better I thought I would drop a little note about the color B.L.U.E.

I have concluded that something major is about to happen in my life that involves the color blue. Before I left for Asheville I had created my vision board. The first color I went for at McCabe's was blue. And its not just any color blue. Its this really amazing bright blue with a hint of purple in it. Well the entire time I was in Asheville, Mel and I noticed the exact color of my blue everywhere! Since Ive been home it hasnt stopped. As you know I painted my entire house. Welp, wouldnt ya know I couldnt decide on the shade of blue for my bathroom. I bought the same color as the rest of the house then just couldnt do that color in there. SOooooooooooooooooo Its getting the BRIGHT PURPLIE BLUE!

Yes, Im crazy. We all know this. But whats crazy is I think the blue has something to do with the man of my "dreams". I know this guy isnt going to be perfect so dont get me wrong, but after the whole Lance incident I know this guy is going to be pretty close to the perfeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeect guy even beyond what I could have ever imagined for myself.

Now back to this B.L.U.E. situation. Im out of my funk and have got to get my bathroom painted pronto! What is up with that? The fuck if I know! I just know that my man is coming and he wants his future bathroom to be painted BRIGHT PURPLIE BLUE! So Im back on track, head out of ass and back to working out, being healthy and happy. We all get in the doldrums so I wanted to dedicate this blog to all of us who feel like crap sometimes and try try try try try to put our fingers on what it is. My thought on this is "Sometimes we dont have all the answers. All we can do is feel what we feel. Be in it. For however long it takes. Realize when it passes. Then move on and dont look back. Dont go back and try to figure out what was wrong with you for a day, a week, a month. Just move on and GET OUT!"

So I am taking a giant spoonful of my own advice. I am going to make a conscious effort to do more stuff with friends, listen to live music as much as possible and just plain ol GET OUT AND HAVE FUN! I have decided to say this outloud "God and the Universe hear my prayers! I am ready to meet the man of my dreams. Please bring him to me in the fastest path possible and let us recognize each other immediately and without question. Let us recognize the truth, honesty and happiness we will share with one another forever and let us both jump in with both feet and without fear of the future." -AMEN

ps. whatever this B.L.U.E. color is............lets all remember this blog. You read it here. Something remarkable is about to happen for my love life that involves this color and my man is going to love me for knowing to expect him.


Melissa said...

Blue was everywhere in Asheville..it was crazy! Surely has some big part in your life..can't wait to find out what it is!! Glad you're no longer "blue".hee
Love, Mel

linda said...

Hey Angie.. great blog. Yes, working out works. Snapping out of the "blues" is hard sometimes, but since we really aren't sure where it comes from.. can be priblematic. Hoooray.. the blues for you have passed. Get on with life and be happy. Love you, Auntie Lin