Thursday, July 31, 2008

30 years? NO WAY!

30 years? We've known each other for 30 years? We could not stop saying it all night! This is my friend Darcy. We grew up together from elementary on. I moved to Encinitas in the summer of 1978. One of the first friends I made was Darcy. We were inseparable from 5th grade thru Jr. High. We were a year apart so once she left Jr High we lost touch. Always calling each other every year for our shared birthday, June 14th!

Well allllllllllllllllll these years later and this year when I called for our birthday I said WE ARE GETTING TOGETHER this time! So last night we met up at Roadhouse and it was so cool. We totally clicked and have a ton in common. Our lives are in similar places and its pretty neat to think after 30 years here we are again. Darcy is a fitness fanatic. She does 3, yes 3, IRONMAN's a year! And in 11 hours flat! She was 5th and missed qualifying for the Hawaii Ironman by 63 seconds. Darcy, honey, ya have to pee while stopping next time! Poor thing didnt know and stopped twice for pee breaks. :-(

We had a great time. Everyone and their brother was at Roadhouse last night. Half the time we were catching up with other old friends while trying to catch up with each other! HA! It was awesome and Im looking forward to hanging out and WORKING OUT with her. She promised to run with me even tho she is used to running 10 miles a day she wont mind my little piddly 3.5 miles. It will be a nice little break for her. Old friends. New connections..........funny how in life we all come full circle.

ps. This morning I put on my "prosperity"necklace made by and asked for abundance in all aspects of my life. hummmmmmmmmm, then this note comes from the universe:

You needn't worry. There is time. You have all the time in the world. You preceded time and you will exist beyond it. Age is irrelevant; more meaningless than a number. Forever, angela, you have FOREVER. There is no dream you now have that you will not manifest. There is no challenge you now face that you will not crush and dispose of. There is no point in spending one more second of your awesome, amazing life, thinking anything to the contrary.

Olé, The Universe


Melissa said... for you and glad you found each other again! You athletic ladies will have tons of fun times together!! I'm going to see your necklace now...
Love, Mel

linda said...

Hey Angie. Things are going so well for you and me. I am stoked. It is wonderful that you hooked up with Darcy, and you had so much fun together. Take me to the Roadhouse when we both can really have a lot of time and fun together. Love, Peace, Joy and Happiness Lin