Friday, June 13, 2008

One more week!

This time next week I will be landing in Asheville, North Carolina! Mellie Mel and I have been needing some serious GIRL TIME (Picture is from our last GIRL WEEK in NYC) and finally Im gettin' my ass on a plane and headin to the south! Its about 85 degrees there right now so Im lookin' forward to all the amazing experiences we will have. Me in shorts and flip flops for a week. Pure Heaven on earth! Ben loves soccer so Saturday we will be headin' to a pub to watch some Euro Soccer! Anything with sports and Im there! Especially if sweetheart Ben wants me to join in on what he loves. :-) Thanks for thinkin of me Ben! (Ben is Mel's hubby) Mel is a fab cook so she plans to have beers and tacos all ready for my arrival on Friday! YUMMMMMMMMMM How good does that sound after travelin all day! YEAH! Little Birchie, their pup text me a pic yesterday telling me to feel better since I have a sore throat. The picture of him looked like he was sincerely worried about me. LOL. I got some YIN CHIAO upon Ben's recommendation and low and behold its been about 4 hours and Im feelin' better! Come on herbs............kick my cold...Its my birthday tomorrow and I need some martini's with McCabe! Om Om Om


Melissa said...

WOO HOO....just 7 more days lovey dove and you will be in North Cackalacki!!!!! We will have one fun filled day after another planned..are you ready?
Love you,

linda said...

Happy Days. I'm happy for all of you. Have fun and don't get sick again. Love Lin