Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This photo found me today.
My days are filled with so many new and
interesting things.
I go about life with a smile on my face
and glitter in my eyes.
Interesting things keep finding me.
How fun is it to be truly happy and fulfilled????
Its a new and amazing feeling for me.
For many years I wondered the earth with so many questions.
So angry.
So insecure.
So hopeless.
Looking at the ground instead of looking at the sky.
I dont know what I was waiting for?
I was looking to my left at a canvas of negativity instead of
looking to my right at the canvas of positive light & love.
Years ago I took a workshop and my instructor Pauly said:
"You better make a choice girl!"
"Are you gonna get busy livin?"
"Or are ya gonna get busy dyin?"
At the time, man, did that strike a cord. I had been gettin REAL busy dyin for years!
Livin in the past.
Thinking the world owed me something.
The fuckin' world dont owe me nothin!
At that moment I chose to get busy livin.
Well, like I said that was a few years ago and if you have taken a workshop you know the tools you learn fade if you dont use them daily.
Well shit if they havent faded.
So fuck it.
Today Im gonna get back to gettin' busy livin!
Im making my dreams come true.
My daughter is happy and healthy.
My family is happy and healthy.
My friends are happy and healthy.
I have a great job.
A beautiful home.
Animals I love.
And a vacation I wished for since January just came true and Im about to leave for Asheville.
So Im bustin down the door of my pity party and raising my glass to health and happiness prevailing.
Cheers to me and the amazing life "I" created!
All of my dreams are alive and well.
Its a beautiful sunny day in Encinitas and I am happy to be alive.


linda said...

Amen is right! You are so cool. I am proud to be your Auntie. But, I always was. Even if you were going through tough times.. some I didn't even know about. Praise God! You are on the right track. try every day to do the same. I will blog today too. Because it has been a tryly amazing day for me also. Check it out.. Love Lin

Melissa said...

What a wonderful post...love it! YEAH! Only one more day and you will be here...OMG!
Can't wait to give you a big fat hug!