Thursday, June 19, 2008

sweet child o' mine.........

Well folks. Im headin out tomorow. I was lucky enough to be able to spend a few days with Sweet Keir before I hit the vacation trails. We went and got birthday massages, had a yummi Italian dinner at Filippis, did a little shoppin and stayed up til midnite til we talked ourselves to sleep. Yesterday we lunched out in the sun at Swami's cafe, and last night when I got home from work she had it all peaceful and quiet. Candles lit and a delicious summer salad made for our dinner. We watched Fool's Gold then Over Her Dead Body with Eva Longoria. Both movies were silly and lighthearted. I actually really liked Over Her Dead Body! I thought it was really funny! Today we are lunchin' with my mom and tonight I will take little miss sunshine Keir back to her pops house. My flight is at sunrise so you all enjoy the next few days. I dont plan to write until I get back but I will be keepin a journal of all of my "Asheville Adventures!"

On a little side note:
My dad came by this morning for a quik coffee. He ended up pulling down some sappy branch from my side yard and checking on some things that need fixin around the house. LOL. The guy cannot sit still. The reason I even mention this is what he was really up to was sending me off with a hug and some loot for my trip! He had a special little thought for Ben and Melissa and I think he needed to tell me in person so I can bring his energy to them. My grandma Thel passed away in November 2007. She is still very present and she wanted to make sure Ben and Mel know that everything is going to be ok with the process of their adoption. Her message came thru my dad and he delivered it in his usual manner. On the sly with lots of love and emotion.

So off I go.
~Happiness in my heart from time spent with precious Keir.
~My mermaid friend taking care of my sweet kitties so I can truly enjoy my time away.
~And my dad, whom I adore, sending me off with such an open soul to possibilities I can only imagine. He never ceases to amaze me.
I L.O.V.E you Keir. ~Love, MoM


linda said...

Hey Angie.. that was so cool. your Dad is truly amazing. And Keir is so beautiful.. inside and out just like the words on the card I got for her. Have an exciting and wonderful trip. See you when you get back. Lots of love, Lin

Melissa said...

I'm still blown away by your very cool!!! It's wonderful you got to spend quality time with Keir this week...YAY! Next time she will be coming to Asheville too...and to see BABY EZRA..woo hoo.
See YOU in the morning...WOW!
Love, Mel

keir said...

hahahaha ewww take that off :)