Wednesday, August 13, 2008

ebbs and flows...........Blues and Golds

Just like life changes and evolves so are my projects at my house! After painting I thought FOR SURE that I was done with projects for a VERY long time. Interestingly enough tho all that it did was spark all of my creative juices to really dive into making my home hold all that is closest to me and for all to enjoy my little bungalow as much as I do.
Whats great about all of my little projects is they are continuously opening up my dreams, hopes and wishes that I have put away into a little box for so long.

Le Grand Bleu (The Big Blue) is one of my all time favorite movies. Its a quirky/artsy piece with only 2 well-known actors. All of the others are stars in other countries but not in America. Ive been drawn to this movie for so long its amazing that I still rent it and enjoy it everytime. The soundtrack is so peaceful that as weird as it is.... I love it. And of course....ITS THE BLUE COLOR! (Maybe that is where the BLUE started for me?)
Last weekend I painted the inside of the fireplace B.L.U.E. -
(Sidenote: Keir and I found the drift wood at the beach in Cardiff, I painted it with a clear coat, my dad drilled the holes for the tea lites then he got me the little glass tea lite holders, I glued them to the driftwood and finally my dad gave me all of the beach rocks that I placed on the floor of the fireplace......A project within a project!)
Back to the BLUE Fireplace - I have been really focused on this color for a while now. Its all really starting to piece together and if you read this blog, you know the color has something to do with a premonition Ive had that the person I meet will either love this form of the color BLUE or it will be even larger than I can imagine. Is he a Oceanographer? Does he work for the Surfrider Foundation? Does he scuba dive? It could be a million things but I am going to venture forth with my dream of him and what the BLUE means.
It signifies the past and the present coming together.
It signifies me being ready to give up that ol' caterpillar and become a butterfly.
It signifies me as a woman, letting go of so much and making room for the man Ive dreamed of to enter and share my life.
Ive decided to go ahead and paint my bathroom BLUE and create that space that from my bed everyday I can wake up and look into that space and see my present and my future. He is so close it is crazy! Mark my words...........Anyday now I will say Oh My GAWD.......Ive met someone and he is everything Ive ever dreamed of, that all of you have dreamed for me, and so much more!
So Im keepin' on keepin' on and livin life as it comes - knowing that 2008 marks a special year for me. It marks a time that is significant but over and a beginning that I created and that the man of all of my dreams finds fantastic and all that he dreamed of as well. Dont forget the poor guy has been searching for me too so its been hard for him to find me and he is just as happy as I am that we find one another! HA!
So the B.L.U.E ADVENTURE continues.................stay tuned.
This is gettin good!!!!!!!!! ;-)


linda said...

This was a good blog! Loved it. He will come. And I know the space you live in is very important. Must have that "serenity" quality, right? Keep focused on what you love and everything else will fall right into place. Love you niece.. Linda

Melissa said...

You found your the blue fireplace..looks amazing! Sending out the good vibes to the universe for ya...ALWAYS.
Love, Mel