Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Yourrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr San Diego Chargers!

WHOO HOO! 18-17 Chargers!
Me and dad picked up some subs and beers and headed to the stadium for some tailgating.
We popped open the back of the truck and hung out drinkin and ctachin up til it was time to go in.
Of course we made friends with our neighbors who ended up to be friends with my buddy Marty from work. What are the chances that we park right next to Marty's friends and up walks Marty. I was like hellllllllllllllllllluuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Ha Ha Too bad they were makin' jambalaya...........it has seafood in it but it sure smelled good! YUM!

We got right up to the players while they were practicing and our man of the hour Ladanian Tomlinson walked right up to my camera. Helluu LT!

When you watch a football game live the players look like gladiators comin onto the field. They are monstrous and focused. I mean CMON! Look at the size of this guys neck! (See below)
Sprolls made the game happen and when they went in for a touchdown then a two point conversion the crowd was going crazy! It is so cool to see the players that keep us happy all season long live and in person! I have enjoyed football since I was a little kid. Football season for me is like a little slice of happiness. To be able to yell and scream and root for my favorite team always makes life just a little nicer. he he
Thats our team folks. GO CHARGERS! .........and long live the sport of FOOTBALL!

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linda said...

You must have been in Heaven watching those Chargers!!. hey, I am so happy that you got those amazing photos of the team, and that you had so much fun. GO CHARGERS!!! Here's hoping you get a lot more times to see them in person this season, Love ya' Lin