Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Introducing Bernadette!

Finally! I talk about her all the time like she is my imaginary friend. She exists! hee hee This is Bernie :-) Another friend Melissa wished for me! Bernie has 2 adoreable sons and lives in Carlsbad. We have a ton in common and I probably drive her more crazy then she is cuz Im so bossy. I cant help it and she accepts me the way I am. LOL
(Mom, Me & Bernie at Wine Loft 10/7/08)
Whats been so great about Melissa wishing friends for me is that I get out and do stuff all the time now. For a long time I was sad that Keir had moved to her dads. I nested as much as any one person could. I painted my house. Pulled weeds. Decorated my backyards. Painted and decorated both bathrooms. Basically did everything humanly possible to keep busy and get my mind off of Keir not being home.

Then Mel wished friends for me and as you read in my blog about Sandy you know about 10 new/old friends have come into my life! Its been so fun and Im really loving going out and having girl time!
Bernie is an incredible chef, artist, mother and friend. She is up for anything and like me, loves food and WINE! Yippee!
Since we met we have been to Roadhouse, 1st Street, D Street, The Saloon, Savory, Wine Loft, Wine Merchant, Pizzacotto, Islands and even tried to go to Belly up but it sucked so we left. What is the best is calling each other at work and sayin "Hey, ya wanna go to lunch?" or "Hey wine after work?" and then just going! Neither of us make any big plans, we just spur of the moment go and do really fun stuff. As you can tell Bernie is high on my list of great people in the world. Once again I can say, I am truly blessed to have such great friends.
Love ya Berns!


WiZ said...

you guys should go to the beach too. and if you guys really close you can make her an author on your blog too. :-)

Don said...

She sounds like a real winner, a great friend to have.

linda said...

Sounds like this is your year for re-connecting. Rock On!! Love ya, Lin

Melissa said...

Bun..I cannot believe I didn't know about the post..shame shame on me. Consumed with Ezra. You have to tell me..Like I tell you! Hey..I posted..hee glad to finally see Bernie..yay! A new good friend...can't beat that. Hi Bernie.
Love you, Mel