Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My cute lil' Grandparents

Me and Grandpa Buddy
Grandma Lee, Me and Grandpa Buddy
My grandparents are just the cutest things. Both in their late 80's they are just adorable! Last night my aunt brought them over to see my newly remodeled and redecorated bungalow.
My gram just raved about all of the decor and loved the warm and inviting feeling of the house.
She even said that when Keir is married and has a house of her own she wants Keir's room! Awe.
Linda brought over a delicious dinner so I didnt have to cook. We spent a couple of hours talking and enjoying the peace and tranquility of my little house.
Grandpa ate up all of his dinner and loved my shirt! He really liked all of the colors in it and so did Gram. If I can find it again I will try and get it for her for her birthday coming up in November!
My grandparents have always been a big part of my life. When I was little my sister and I always spent time with them. They were big golfers back in the day and when I was 3 or 4 I nick named my grandma "Grandma-Wack-A-Ball!"
My grandpa was an amazing athlete and used to be a Golden Gloves boxer in the late 1940's. Whenever we would visit them my memories are always of Grandpa Buddy throwing us up in the air while playing in the pool or doing handstands on the grass. I think my grandpa even taught me how to swim! Good thing too cuz when I was not even 1 I walked right into the pool and my mom had to dive in and save me! I was even bold as a baby!
My grandparents were always around and luckily 20 years ago they moved from LA to Calrsbad. They are at every family event and have been a huge part of Keir's life. History repeated itself when he helped Keir learn to swim. I cherish those days and all the days to come.
It was so nice to just sit and talk with my grandparents last night. Im so lucky to have them so close. It was a great night.


Melissa said...

OMG..they are so stinkin' cute!! Look at Grandpas hat..awe...I want to hug him :-)
Love, Mel

linda said...

Thanks Angie, for all the great comments in this blog, and for inviting me too. I had a great time. So happy my folks could see your remodeled bungalow! Yes, it was a fun and relaxing night. Lots of family holidays are coming up, and I look forward to them all. Amd to see Jen's munchkins. They are adorable too. Peace, Lin