Monday, November 24, 2008

I dont have a lot to write. Just that I had a great weekend and these are 4 reasons why. #1 - Photo above - Keir home - Need I say more?

#2 - Keir with her good friend Lauren and I out to dinner having a great time just chatting. Im easy. Spending time with Keir and Im the happiest person on the planet.

#3 - Lil Mozelle - Just so dang cute and smiley its ridiculous. Her eyes are like diamonds. They are just so shiney I have to grab her constantly!

#4 - Look at that face. Kelis is just the sweetest thang ever. We were all done at the park and she said to me "Angie, cmon over to my house okay?" Can I just tell you that this kid can say anything to me and I do it.
Thats it for today. Had a fantastic weekend with my daughter, sister and nieces. Easy Peasy.


Melissa said...

4 GREAT reasons to have an amazing weekend!! Keir is a beauty and those little girls are so presh!

linda said...

Love this blog. It reminds me, (I have to blog more too). The pictures are amazing. And those kids are a true treasure! Love you, Lin

Anonymous said...

Excuse, I have removed this message