Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Jingle all the way..........

Ok, I know. Im out of control. Christmas is 16 days away but I dont care. To me, its just around the corner and Im so excited someone slap me!


Keir and I went and got the tree Friday night and as part of our tradition afterwards we went to Islands for dinner with the tree on top of the car.


This year was a little different tho cuz our tree is only 5 feet tall so it fit in the back of my ginormous truck! It looked to witto in the back but we absolutely love it!!!


It was easy for me to pick up and carry in and with the help of Keir and her friend Kia, their was no screaming or cussing between Keir and I while getting the tree in the stand and straight.


Every year we struggled with just us 2 girls to get our 7 or 8 foot tree straight and this year we decided Santa is watching and we "better be good for goodness sake" and that meant no cussing while trimming the tree!


So with our lil' Charlie Brown Christmas tree we accomplished just that. It got all put up without one single argument.

***Note to self: Only get 5ft Christmas tree going forward ;-)

Saturday night Keir and I got all fancy and went to my work Christmas Party. The dress Keir is wearing is the one she got for her homecoming that I never got to see on her cuz she was being a teenager and blew me off for her big day. So finally I got to see her all dressed up in it!

(Im telling you this cuz Keir reads this blog and Im rubbing it in that she ditched me for homecoming~Love you honey! LOL)

Keir loves to try new restaurants just like me so on the weekends we usually cook a lot at home but one day or night we like to go out. So Sunday we decided to head north to San Clemente for a little restaurant recon mission. We didnt know where we were going but we knew we wanted a cute little place that we would love to come back to and we found it!!!


Cafe Mimosa


Keir had a cappuccino and I had a pomegranate mimosa and for brunch she had the Croissant French Toast and I had the "Mexi Scramble" ey ey ey was it good! Its our new favorite spot and one of the cutest bistros Ive ever seen. We had a fantastic weekend and topped it off by making Christmas cards but I cant show you those cuz its a surprise. You'll have to wait to get yours in the mail. he he


Merry Christmas!


Melissa said...

Hysterical..I love that you girls are not cussing but dang it's fun sometimes. Your little tree is presh but goodness I want it to light up..does it have lights? You and Keir have the same eyelashes..well of course you do..ha
Cute little post bun...Merry Christmas to you and Keir and the whole fam!
Love you, Mel

linda said...

That bistro sounds so cool. Bet you guys had a lot of fun. That is what I need more of too. Soon, kiddo soon, Love Lin