Monday, December 29, 2008

Big Bear Christmas Week!

Holy Canoli! Drove up on Monday morning. Had to stop in Oceanside and buy cables for the tires. Forecast was calling for snow. great. NOT! We made it! Raining the whole way but no snow yet. WHEW! Got up on the slopes and rode til we were so cold we couldnt ride anymore. Got in the warm lodge, had chili, a beer and got back out there!

Ok, little mistake. It was now windy and frrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreezing. Took one run then went into the ski shop and bought bandanas for our faces. SO COLD!

Keir and I just before we got the bandanas. See how cold our faces are? awe. poor us!

Here's where things get interesting. It was around 3 and we were done boarding. Our cabin was only blocks from Bear Mtn. Awesome. Um, yea. Not so much. The cabin was up a mile long road that hadnt been plowed. We had to stop and put the cables on the tires. It was getting dark and starting to snow. The guy at the gas station was a jack-ass and was going to charge us $40 to put the cables on. I thought, I will at least try to get them on..................Voila! An hour later I got those babies on! Not easy by any means but I did it. I have a new appreciation for guys. Putting on cables is a guys job. I will never do it again unless its an emergency and were going to die.

Our awesome beautiful. Knickerbocker Mansion!

Our cabin. Keir loved the fish. ha ha. We hated it! Oh well, it was warm and cozy and 21 degrees outside and the wind was whipping like crazy so being in the cabin with the stuffed fish wasnt so bad. We ordered Dominos pizza and called it a night. Hilarious.

Woke up to a foot of fresh snow

Gotta start the process of getting all the snow off the car but first we must write our names on the car cuz were tourists and its fun. LOL
Where to begin?

This is our drive home. It wasnt bad. The snow had been plowed and we had our cables on. Now the interesting part was getting down the mountain and having to take them off. This is another job for a guy. I had to crawl under the car to unhook them. When your down the mtn of course the snow has melted so I was laying in melted dirty stinky snow. The first thing that happened was the snow from underneath the car melted and dripped into my mouth and onto my face. It was so gross. Of course Keir laughed and continued texting inside the warm cozy truck. Thanks Keir. I got the right side off fine but the left side got stuck. It was getting cold and clouds were coming over. I thought the cable was stuck in the wheel well and we were going to be stranded. I saw a truck driver about to leave and didnt hesitate to be a girl. "Sir!" "Can you help me?" He came over, pulled the cable and out it came. We got it off, I thew the cables in the truck and we high-tailed it the hell outta there! We got home so fast I was even surprised. ha ha I can say for sure that driving to the mountains in the pouring rain and sleeting snow is not for the faint of heart. I love being a girl and will never try to do boy stuff again. EVER!


Melissa said...

What can be better than Christmas with snow?!!!!
So glad you girls had fun and made it back seems you always have a story to tell about coming down that mountain!!!
Love you, Mel

linda said...

Wow! Great pics.. Too cold for me. I know I would hate to be you under that vehicle getting all grimy.. Yuk! But those are part of the memories. I'm glad you guys had fun. The fish comments were very cute. LOL Love, Lin