Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Years Day.........Re Deux......................!!!

Not everyone will agree with me but somehow I managed to think 2008 was a great year. I had so much to be grateful for, more so than things to be bummed about, so to me that equals a great year. Keir moved to her dads in November 2007 so by Thanksgiving 2008 I was really taking a look around and realizing all that had been accomplished in that year. Not only was Keir loving her new school, getting straight A's (YAY KEIR) but her and her dad were getting a second chance at being father and daughter. Something that was always there but just out of reach for the two of them. I redecorated and painted my house. Reconnected with countless amounts of old friends. Made new friends. Spent real, true, fun, quality time with my family (especially my sister and my nieces. Jen and I made real efforts to get together and do fun stuff on a regular basis.) These are just a few things I can think of. What about the fact that I asked God and the universe for a new industry for work, close to home, working with nice people. Voila! Got it! I asked God and the universe to be able to visit Ben and Melissa. Voila! Got that wish too! Seriously I have more to be thankful for than I have in many many years.
Now New Years Day was a little different story. Here's where this blog title comes into play. I woke up on New Years Day after having the flu for a few days and just felt kinda jipped. Like, hey, 2009 was supposed to start off with a bang and instead it started off with a fever and body aches. Good news is I was definitely feeling better so I rallied a little and called Darcy and invited myself over for a glass of wine by announcing, "Im buying some wine, Ive got your Christmas Present and Im coming over to have a glass with you before you get ready for your date!" Im sure Darcy was thrilled. Not so much. ha ha We were able to have a glass and I headed home just before the fog rolled in! WHEW!
Weird tho. Still wasnt feeling like I had a real NEW YEARS DAY vibe. Darn it. So what to do?
A New Years Day RE DEUX of course!
I got a gift certificate to The Four Seasons from my boss. I called up Aviara and started plotting my RE DEUX. "Good morning, I received a gift card and Im wondering if I can use it for SPA services?" "Why yes of course you may" Said the wonderful voice on the other end of the line. "Lovely", I said. "Also, may I use it in the restaurant?" "Why yes of course you may" again came from the wonderful voice. "Lastly, does that include alcohol?", I said. "Why yes of course if does". Ah. Perfect.
Made an appointment for an hour long Swedish Massage then called my mom to see if she wanted to meet for lunch at 2. "Why of course I would", said mom. (Like she could ever pass up a day at Aviara with me overlooking the golf course!) tee hee Love you MOM!
The Four Seasons at Aviara. Right in our own backyard. Just doesnt get much better I tell ya. Now. Im sorry to torture you with this image but here's how the morning went. I arrive at Aviara and walk into the SPA. It smells like vanilla and light lotion from the islands. Its warm and toasty. Im greeted by the sweetest girl who treats me like Im a princess. Miss Norton this and Miss Norton that. Oh la la I was in heaven! I got a locker, big fluffy robe, comfy flip flops that massaged my feet as I walked. Then I was given lemon water and ushered into this spectacular atrium. I sat near the fireplace in the picture above with my feet up as I read a magazine. It was so amazing I was a bit overwhelmed and got choked up. I thought, Wow, how did I get here? How am I so lucky to have this amazing day? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. After about an hour of lounging and doing nothing it was time for my massage. A whole hour of being pampered. Pa-Leeze!
I showered and took my time getting ready after and met mom in the lounge for lunch.

We ordered a beautiful cheese plate and shared a bottle of chardonnay. I told her about my plotting and that she was part of my plan to have a RE DEUX of New Years Day. She loved the idea and we toasted to 2009!

Just a happy little lark she is!

Dan, our waiter. Now get this. He was the cheeriest guy you'll ever meet. He was fun and funny all afternoon. He laughed all day about how silly we were but really just accommodated our every whim. Thanks for making the day extra fun Dan!

This is Dan's contribution to our RE DEUX. Its a New Years Day Christmas Tree! Now every year we will have to put a palm tree out to make sure we dont break tradition.

Thanks to my boss, mom, Melissa (she actually gave me the re-deux idea cuz she and Ben were doing it as well), Darcy for starting off my re deux and all of my friends and family who put up with me year after year. Youre all a blessing and Im the luckiest girl in the world. Keir, thanks for making my life so special. Youre everything to me. Love, Happiness and Prosperity in 2009! CHEERS!

PS. You all know that Im obsessed with coming home from work and looking at my doorstep for gifts, trinkets, flowers or my future husband.............well Melissa was kind enough to throw me a bone and shut me up for a while. Saturday I came home to this cuff "HOT SEXY" in a package on my doorstep! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it and its now become part of my collage/dream board! Youre such a great friend Mel. Couldnt make it without ya bunsie.

Pss. The Chargers won on Saturday! 17-17, game went into overtime. Chargers scorea touchdown for the win! My final final part of my New Years Day RE DEUX! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Go Chargers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Melissa said...

I hereby announce that this year will be the BEST YEAR EVER for you! I declare it NOW!!!! So be it.
P.S. So glad you love your bracelet...it's so you!

linda said...

Aviara! Great. Just looks like Heaven. You are lucky, and I am glad your New Year turned out so positive. Hugs, Lin