Friday, January 9, 2009


I left this untitled cuz thats about how Ive been feeling. I cant figure it out. Why am I so down? Am I pms-ing? Am I lonely? Am I just lame? WTF! All week I have been trying to figure myself out so today, now that Ive wasted my whole week, I give up. Rather, give in. Im giving into my funk and Im just going to let it run its course. You know we are all supposed to be "positive" 24/7 so earlier in the week I did what I usually do when Im feeling crummy. I get juanitas rolled tacos and guac and I go to the beach and watch the sunset. Didnt work. The funk is still there.
I wonder what it is? Well my rolled tacos with guac didnt help. Good thing tho is it made me decide to start eating better and start running at lunch cuz maybe my comfort food is making me grouchy! So yesterday I went and got some healthy groceries from Trader Joes' and today I will be running at lunch. Cmon endorphins kick in!I took this picture of Keir on Christmas Day and keep meaning to post it. She is just the cutest thing in this pic! She looks all cozy and Christmas-y! I hugged her so many times in that outfit I think she was getting annoyed. he he So Im posting this pic finally cuz it makes me happy. :-)
Well i just thought Id post my cranky post to hopefully abandon this feeling and purge it onto my computer and into my blog. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr crabbiness GO AWAY!


linda said...

Who said you are suppused to be positive all day every day? I remember what Pedro told me (my first Guru ever).. Your emotions change as often each hour as your organs and the weather, and everything else in the universe. Don't fret. It is normal. When I get down, I use my OHM Sanctuary tape, light candles and insence, get on my heating pad and lie in Shabssena position for about 20 minutes. Works great. Yesterday, I was down and tired and frustrated. After dance class (which I talked myself into going (to)).. I felt like a million dollars! I pray, talk to myself like Joel Osteen would, and it does get better. Practice makes perfect. Practice erasing the "old" tapes in your head, and replacing them with new ones. Remember, you are truly a blessed person. And you have lots of people who love you! Including your old "auntie" here. Peace.. Linda

mccabe said...

well you know i understand.....;)

tomorrow night is supposed to be the biggest fullest moon of the year. are your cats as crazy as mine today??

but really, even sunshiney folks like you may need to take a break from the happy buzz and nest, get cozy with the kitties and keir, make yummy foods, watch sunsets and just BE with no expectations. when your body is ready to be different space i believe it will be.

sending lots of love your way
mccabe xx

Melissa said...

i just told you all of this in an e-mail but i really feel like i'm standing on the outside looking in to the big picture and see so much you've done on your path leading to your hearts desire. i believe with everything in my being that all of your dreams are coming true right at this just can't see all the wheels and spokes making it happen yet!