Tuesday, January 27, 2009

i can see clearly now.............

Havent posted anything for a while. After I kicked off the new year, did a re-deux then went into some freaky funk I decided to take a little blog break. I needed to refresh the new year and Ive done a great job. Cleaned out a lot of old clutter, freshened up my workout by walking everyday at lunch and changed my eating habits so Im eating much better! What a difference!
This morning I got up early and headed up to Tamarak to watch the guys surf and get myself into a zen place. Feels so awesome to sit and listen to music and watch surfers. Makes me so happy.
Ive been so easily amuzed lately. Doesnt take much.............
January in North County doesnt suck.


mccabe said...

i sooo know where you are coming from! i miss you. are you around friday evening?....

much love,
mccabe x

Melissa said...

I can see it just like being there...can I come sit with you on the beach in the morning? I'll stop and get us a coffee.

linda said...

hey, you are doing such a great job of finding those great places in No. County to relax and rejuvinate. Good goin". i can hardly wait for Summer! I Will be in the beach. Love you, Lin