Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Yesterday afternoon I was talkin with my friend Antonio. We were saying how awesome the weather was. Finally cooled off, little was almost the end of the day and all we wanted to do was get off work, get home and get cozy. Then we took it a step further and said WOW, wish it would rain and we both said dinner of wine & cheese with some great music sounded perfect! Well that was a pipe dream for me cuz I knew I had to go to the market and go for a run. Getting home and getting cozy just wasnt gonna happen. I wished it for him tho.
Well Im driving home and I realize maybe I can make my lil daydream come true............
I go to Henry's and get all the goodies for my dinner, race home, change and go on a run along Neptune. As Im running it begins to rain. WHAT? Yes! I was running but wanted to call Antonio and Be like um..........hello............this is crazy.......did we make this happen? Everyone I pass has the same look like "this is amazing" ..........Just then I look up and I see this:
I mean cmon. Am I in Leucadia or Maui? A rainbow? So friggin cool. On my way back I stop at SoneSteps to catch the sunset. After a long cranky day it was nice to start to feel the wear andtear I had been feeling slowly lift off my shoulders. Sunsets do this for me. Especially this one: After SonteSteps I think it cant get any bettter. WRONG! You probably cant see cuz this is my camera phone but this is a double rainbow:The closer I got to my house the more light I felt. The weight of the past 2 weeks were finally coming free. At the market I had bought all the fixins for Matbucha. With the weather it was a perfect night to stand over a pot of boiling goodness and I did just that!
With my matbucha simmering, Kings of Leon playing and candles burning I decided it was time to open my yummi lil find from Henry's:
Bohemian Highway Cabernet - I bought it cuz it was inexpensive and the the label of course! But low and behold it was absolutely delicious! Then I cut up all my cheeses and this was my dinner:
Is it my imagination or is Danish Blue Cheese the absolute most incredible cheese on the planet? Its melts in your mouth and I just cant get enough! Well 2 hours later my matbucha was done and I heated up a pita for a lil taste before bed. Viola! It was perfect!!!!!!!
2 weeks ago Keir and I got in a little spat. Ruined our day together after a perfect mom and daughter weekend and I just couldnt get past it. I used every tool in my mind body and soul and just couldnt move on from it. I was holdin on tight! But thankfully a great conversation with Antonio and some wishes that we thought were impossible became possible and actually came true! My heaviness from the argument with Keir was finally lifted thanks to a great run, some rain, 2 rainbows, a sunset, Kings of Leon, great wine, beautiful lighting and some good ol SOUL FOOD. Deep with the good.........deep breath out with the bad as my niece Kelis says......and we do it together..........deep breath in with the good.............deep breath out with the bad............and another day begins - filled with Love~Light~Laughter~Amen

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Melissa said...

You have beauty all around you glad it really popped out today. ALL SHALL BE WELL!
Love, Mel