Monday, September 28, 2009

Idyllwild - AGAIN!

Doesnt seem that long ago that we bought the trailer and headed straight out to Idyllwild. Well here we all are (minus Keir) back on the road and headin for a weekend of hiking, chillin, drinkin, eatin and R&R. This time I led the way with Mike and Meg following in their airstream. Everyone else was meeting us up there but we couldnt wait so we headed up early. The drive seemed much faster and instead of Keir and I jammin' to some Bob Marley I played Kings of Leon over and over til I got to the campgrounds. It was amazing how all of their songs seemed to be written just for me. ha ha I LOVE THE BROTHERS! The first night we got there, set up and Meg made a delicious lasagna. WOW was it amazing. She should really open a restaurant. In the morning we got up early and headed for a hike. Had to get the shot of Lily Peak of course ;-)
Back from the hike and it was nice to come and get in the trailer. I really love my home away from home. I hope Im not getting to used to being on the road.........
We were all taking siestas after Mike's killer chile egg breakfast and screwdrivers (ah hem, yes after our hike we drank screwdrivers - not very healthy but hey were on vacation!) when my umbrella decided to take a hike!!!!!!! The wind picked it up out of its stand and right past my ear and way way way down into a gully. My dad went to go grab it (their was no wind at this point) but he proceeded to pretend like he was the hero of the day and holding on for dear life from the north wind. Not true. But we all laughed anyways.......
Then of course it was jacked. All the guys came over to look at it and I was laughing cuz all 3 husbands were all under my lil teenie $20 palapa as if it were worth millions and needed to be fixed immediately. Nerds.
Saturday we all went into town to go to Jo'Anns for lunch. Too bad Jo'Anns is closed for the month of September. Note to self on that one. But everyone got my peace flag so all 4 trailers had my flag. It was kinda cool as you are walking past. Looks like hippy central. Cool man.

Pam and her husband Tony did their trailer all 60's. So awesome! Pam and mom modeling the cool vintage screen.

Inside its just the coolest. They even had stencils made for the walls and one wall says "if youre going to San Francisco" "Be sure to wear flowers in your hair"...........awe. So sweet. One of my all time favorite songs.
Thanks for the great tacos youre about to serve me...........Pam and Tony made us all a killer taco night for our last night.........Everyone is up chatting and helping and I was just sitting there like I was some princess or something.........well dang it...........I had just showered and didnt want to get all yukki.......ha ha........Thanks again everyone! Great conversations, great food, great wine and a great group of really fun people. Cant wait to do it again!!!!!!!!


pinksundrops said...

What a FUN trip! Good food, good friends, nature's beauty, and an adorable home away from home. What an awesome to enjoy new experiences!!

Melissa said...

Who knew buying that camper would be giving back so so much fun and so fast...yay for all the fun times you're having!