Monday, September 14, 2009

Family Time

Its been a busy couple of weeks! Time has been flyin' by so fast I cant keep up!!! I think its the whole "End of summer" thing. Camping, dinners, family..........I finally had a moment of peace and quiet last night around 7pm. Lit every candle in the house, all the windows and doors open, had some incense burning and took a deep breath................
Last weekend the wholllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee family went to Guajome Lake for Labor Day! Our pop up with Keir and Kelis blowin bubblesFinally sittin down after a long weekend of cooking, heat, fun, food, and fam
Jen n mom makin breakfast Saturday morninAlf and KelisPops, Mozelle and Kelis on a nature walk
On Thursday, after 4 longggggggggggggg years, Keir got her braces off!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO crazy to see her without shiney! Gorgeous lil baby o mine ;-)
Yesterday Keir and I volunteered at Life Rolls On for THEY WILL SURF AGAIN - Awesome Day!GREEN TEAM - One of our surfer's for the day - RUTHIE!

Green Team - waiting for our next surferGreen Team in the water with US OPEN Expression Session surfer with SCI - Keith catches a killer ride - Such a great day
Ended it by stoppin' off at the new Casa de Bandini in Encinitas and meeting moms and pops for a quick drink and we had Keir serenaded with Guantanamera...........
So thats the past couple of weeks in a nutshell - I love my life ;-)


Melissa said...

lots of stuff to blog about.....i think i'm up to speed now..thank you. cause i know this blog is just for me..ha!
is keir happy beyond with those perfect teefies? they look great!
grampa is cute too ;-)

pinksundrops said...

I love your life, too, especially how much you enjoy it!!

My baby boy needs braces too. How did you get over having that pain inflicted on your baby? I keep seeing kids with their braces removed, and gorgeous teeth, and am realizing how much it needs to be done. He's a bit of a whiner though, and oh, I remember how braces hurt.