Friday, August 21, 2009

The Maiden Voyage

Carpinteria or bust. Well it was anything but a bust. It was a BLAST! The drive up alone was less scary than I imagined. The trailer pulled super smoothe for the most part and until I got to the 101 I was totally fine. Once I hit the Ventura Freeway I played the family tradition song "Ventura Highway" by America. While Im in the car singin' away I was thinkin - wow - I did it. I conquered my fear of driving long distances alone! Then I really got into it and played the song 5 more times! haa haa My folks called and said it was a little tuff to find the campground so to call when I was exiting. I was on such an I DID IT high I gave it the ol college try and found the campground no problem. So I surprised them and pulled up to their site unannounced! tee hee

We took a walk around the campground to get the lay of the land and just then it was time for Happy Hour! I just jammed and got the trailer set up and raced over to my folks site for apps and cocktails! We had some great conversation and caught a gorgeous sunset. Just what I had hoped for. ;-)

Saturday morning I was up early and took a beach walk. Its really beautiful. Carpinteria is a natural site for tar and it seeps from the cliffs as you walk along the ocean. Its incredible.
We went into town, had breakfast then headed over to Santa Barbara for Santa Barbara Wood. Afterwards we hit the Santa Barbara Winery (another tradition) then over to the Indian bazaar that I love off State Street. I got a couple awesome tapestry's for the trailer and my most favorite incense! Then pops said he had a little treat for us in Montecito. He walked us down a trail to the ocean. It was a spot called Butterfly Beach where he and his buddies first camped during a surf trip back in 66'. The street to the beach is called Butterfly Lane.

Thanks for taking us here dad. That was really beautiful and made the day nostalgic.

Got back to the campsites and by the time I put on a hat mom had our apps and vino all set up! She is the master camping hostess with the mostest!

Here are some shots of the trailer. Its my new home away from home.

Although we took er' out the day we got er' I felt like this was the real 'Maiden Voyage'. It gave me a new sense of what life is all about. Its about packin up, headin out and havin the life you love. I am amazed alot lately. I really am. I woke up on Monday after the weekend away and just thought to myself.........Wow girl. You are really lucky. I sure am.


pinksundrops said...

I love your blog and your love of life! Yes that is what life is all about and reading your blog makes me wish I wasn't so stuck in life right now! I'm glad you are enjoying it for all it's worth.

Melissa said...

You always have to tell me you blog..ha!!
Better late than never...
this looks soooo often do i tell you how lucky you are to have parents you love to hang out's a beautiful thing. Wish I could come to Cali and go camping too!!!