Monday, October 26, 2009

Warm days, Cool nights, Amazing family

The last camping trip of the summer. Off of work early, picked up Keir, met moms and pops off the freeway and headed up to Malibu. Traffic wasnt bad but my AC is still out so driving in 95 degree heat thru LA wasnt the greatest. But we put on some KOL and made the best of it. Jack in the Box stop helped. When Keir is hungry you have to FEED THE BEAST! ha ha Arrived in Malibu at 5 and this is our view.
Straight out thru the palms and cactus is nothing but ocean.
Behind us are hills and palms.
Sunset Friday night then it was time for happy hour. Some Pearl Jam and we were all set. It cooled off just enough to put on sweaters and uggs so everyone was happy. Met a bunch of people and were up til midnight talking til we couldnt keep our eyes open. zzzzzzzzzzzzz time for bed. In the morning we headed to Paradise Cove for brunch. Its on the water and on the sand. LITERALLY! Had some killer food and drinks - If we had more time we would have rented a cabana and stayed all day for sure. Next time!
Me n Keir ;-)After brunch we went to the campsite - got on the wifi and reserved tix for the Getty Villa and headed over. No rest for the wicked! sheeshIt was really amazing to see jewelry from 2000 years ago that we would wear today. So incredible.
After the Getty moms and pops napped but we were wired so we chatted and listened to music and Keir broke out her camera and we laughed and took corny pics for an hour! What were we doing? We dont know..........were totally sleep deprived and delirious!OK, no resting! Now were off to meet my buddy Gary up at Malibu Wine for a super duper fast wine tasting (more like hurry and suck it down cuz we gotta roll tasting!) We had to rush cuz he was taking us across the street for a tour of his friends ranch. Calamigos Ranch. Um hello.
Driving thru the ranch. This is a real picture window - and those are really mountains! Beyond beautiful!!!! (dad being a nerd)
Now Keir
Biggest dork of all - ME!
Small villa within the ranch
We stopped in at Gary's benefit but we were all so tired we couldnt stay for dinner. We drove back down the mountain to the campsite and I made dinner in my lil trailer. My first dinner! YAY!!!! It was a great way to end the Summer. Next trip? Cardiff for Christmas - Cant beat that with a stick ;-)

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