Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Its the lilttle things.....

Sometimes as I blog I decide not to and delete a posting because it seems boring or not entertaining enough. Today I decided to go ahead and post anyways. Life isnt always thrilling, invigorating, exciting, joyous or adventurous.......sometimes life is just the little things.....Little Thing #1 A walk through the Japanese gardens at the Self Realization Center in Cardiff - having someone you care for point out that there are baby koi in the koi pond and you think to yourself.......huh.......I come here all the time and never noticed they keep them in a little strainer like container within the large pond so the adult koi dont harm them. Learned something new that day ;-)
Little Thing #2 Finding the perfect place to sit at the gardens, in the beautiful sunshine, with the warm ocean breeze gently blowing on your face. Having that special someone sitting next to you while gazing out onto the crystal waters, enjoying conversation about time gone by and what is to be in the future....
Little Thing #3 Searching for eight years and finally finding the chandelier you had always dreamed of for your dining room.
Little Thing #4 Having your dad be the original McGyver and installing your chandelier ever so perfectly into your little beach bungalow for the price of a salami sandwich and a Dr Pepper.
Little Thing #5 Knowing you raised your daughter on your own, always worried that she would be harmed by divorce or not be a happy person being raised by a single parent then cut to age 16 1/2 to find your daughter the happiest, most well-adjusted, internally and externally most beautiful person/young adult you could have ever dreamed and hoped for.
Little Thing #6 Shopping at Campingworld and getting a propane run heater for inside your pop up tent trailer during freezing cold days knowing the next time its 40 degrees you and your child will be toasty warm.
Little Thing #7 Again, back at Campingworld, purchasing director chairs with lil side tables so next time you camp your ass isnt sittin' on the ground or on dumb old beach chairs that make you look like a hobo!
Little Thing #8 Visiting your 87 year old Grandma, walking into her house while she has soft jazz playing in the background, your grandma is all done up for your visit and the two of you sit and talk for hours about her teenage years, her travels, her friends.....at the end of the conversation you tell your grandma "Wow gram, you had an exciting life" and because your grandma was such a cool kat back in da day you talk her hip and happenin' self into..... maybe....just maybe....being cool enough to get Internet now! Grandma agrees that she is in fact hip and happenin' enough to have Internet and she will schedule Cox cable for Tuesday to install it only if you come back and hook her up with a webcam so she can Skype with all of us - hilarious as shit if you ask me.
Little Thing #9 Gearing up for the Temecula Valley Balloon & Wine Fest in June.....camping, wine tasting, friends & fam........and The Gin Blossoms - One of my fav 80's bands!!!!!
Little Thing #10 Looking back at all the little things that have happened over the past month and thinkin..........the litttle things in life are what make life so fun. We dont need millions of dollars, the perfect this or that....just chill, live and enjoy. Pretty simple if ya ask me.


Melissa said...

Yay YOU for appreciating all the little things because that's what makes LIFE! Big things are great but all the little things add up to daily happiness. You have a great life, family, daughter, friends..not to mention the best job on the planet...you have a GREAT life!!
Love you, Mel

pinksundrops said...

I love this post! The little things are what makes my heart smile, and your little things definitely do that.

linda said...

Wow.. Love this one. Mom read it with me. Love the comments on your 87 year-old Grandma. Very cute. Love you Ang