Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Guess Im just too damn busy!

New Years Eve - 2009 (Campsite #114)
Who knows where the time is going but in my world its zoomin' past quicker than I can keep up! Ive only got so much time in the day!!!!!! Lately Ive been wondering how I have been a full-time working single mother for nearly 14years! How have I done it? Well I have and Ive had a lot of fun along the way thanks to Keir, my family and friends. Lets get started on catchin up on the life n times of Angie.............
Our family camped at Cardiff from Christmas Day through New Years Day and what a relaxing and rejuvenating time it was. We did absolutely nothing for 7 days straight. We got up early, made coffee, ate at Bull Taco in the campgrounds, took long walks, napped (ALOT!), talked, cooked, played great music, went thru a whole box of incense, 3 candles and spent THE MOST quality time as a family that I can remember in a very long time. Blake just back from Philly - We picked him up from the airport and kidnapped him for several days before returning him to his mom. ;-)
Started Christmas Day at site #93 - Loved being right at the path down from the 101 at the surf statue. Had people greeting me all day everyday for 6 days. HA HA
New Years Eve we had to move campsites. Got up, packed it up (kinda) and hooked up the trailer with the pop up still up and carted it from site #93 to site #114. Ha ha Thats somethin' ya just dont see everyday. ;-) The new spot was cozy and had an ocean view just like #93. We really scored the whole time we camped. By midday we were on our way home to shower and get pretty for New Years Eve. We had about 10 people over and bbq-d steaks and wow were they delicious! Had some great wine, champagne and tons of appetizers! Way too much food as usual.

Sunset from site #114 - Epic
Everyone headed down to the beach to catch the gorgeous sunset. What a way to ring in the new year.
Time to bundle up and sing songs by the campfire.............HAPPY 2010!!!!!!!!!!
After the holidays we felt like we needed to clean up and have a nice dinner. I had a gift cert so I took the fam to Ruth Chris in Del Mar. I had never been there and wow was it amazing. Cant wait to go back!
With all the happiness in our family life is still ......just life. On Monday, January 11, we lost our sweet lil grandpa Buddy. He has been a strong loving force in our family and like his life, he fought passing away to the very last minute. The day before he passed he was very frail but in the middle of the night had gotten up and was found by nurses standing in his room. When everyone arrived the next day to say goodbye he was peacefully sleeping. Every nurse that came in chuckled and said "He sure is a strong fellow and is fighting this tooth and nail!" We all laughed. He would have like knowing we all thought he was a stubborn fighting Irishman to the bitter end. ha ha I know my grandpa is looking down on us with a Budweiser in hand sayin "Cheers!" Bag pipes are playin for you grandpa. We love you! See you on the other side.

Ok, as I wipe tears away for my grandpa, a smile comes over my face because I am reminded of all the blessings I have in my life. Our strong family, my awesome friends, my amazing daughter..........oh yea, speaking of my beautiful daughter ..........she has made her momma very happy...............She is back to blonde! Thank you LORD!
My friend Brittany is a styling magician and took Keirs hair from chocolate brown to blonde in one sitting. THANKS Brit Brit!
Last but not least..................Sunday the Chargers were in the playoffs! YA! We didnt win but I was so happy to be invited by Marty and his entire family! The day was a blast and the energy in the stadium was like nothing Ive ever experienced. Im glad I go to be a part of it and hey Chargers...........better luck next year!
So thats where were at today. Life always has its ebbs and flows and we roll with it. 2010 is going to be a year to remember. I already feel it and were only 19 days in........Happy New Year and when the ebbs and flows come into your life just remember......were all in this together. Reach out if you need a helping hand or a hug. Times are tight but everyone can lend a hand and hugs are FREE! Ive got plenty.............Just ask. ;-)


pinksundrops said...

Love your catch up post! Such gorgeous pictures. So glad you are enjoying and soaking up the sunshine! Love, love, LOVE the camping spots. Can't beat an ocean view! Love that you are able to go home and shower for the evening, too. What an awesome idea to get out there and enjoy life!!

Melissa said...

How often do I tell you how great your little fam is?? Love those Trulsons...you are so blessed!!
Love the pic of you and Keir at Sunset and her hair...well I think it looks fabulous but I did love the brunette :-)
2010 is going to be an amazing year bunners..we're going to keep following those bread crumbs and staying neutral for all good things!!
Love you to pieces!, Mel

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