Monday, December 21, 2009

3 F's - Family*Fun*Friends!

My weekend started off with dinner for the birthday boys. Dad, Alf and Frank all have birthdays within a few days so we have wised up and are having a party for them the week before Christmas nowadays. We all met up at the pizza parlor and I said "Hi Mozelle, I love you" and she stuck her tongue at me then laughed. ha ha Terrible Twos or Just comedy? God she really is funny. Totally comical!
Uncle Frank brought Grace. She is such a doll. Seems like she has always been a part of the fam even tho theyve just started dating a few months ago. She fits right in.
Mozelle didnt like poppa's Santa hat - as soon as she saw him she started balling! He had to take it off but before he did we were all cry laughing cuz it was so funny.
Me n mom. She looked so pretty. She always does, but Friday she was glowing. I think she is always angelic when we are altogether. She just gets so happy when the fam is all in one spot.
All 3 birthday boyz got sundaes. ha ha They look like Easy-Bake-Oven cakes. They were so little!
We were leaving the pizzeria and Kelis said "Im going home with Auntie"...........WHAT? Yep. Her first sleepover without her parents was at my house. My parents were so pist. ha ha We went to Jens, got Kelis's jammies on her and I brought her home. We watched Madagaskar and she was out by 1030! Slept all night. No problem! YIPPEEEEEE Big girl did great!
Keir and Kelis eating snacks and being cozy.
Saturday Keir and I got this lil homemade owl from Melissa! OMG it is the cutest thing ever. Thanks Mellie Mel Julep Head. We love it!Saturday afternoon Vic and I had made plans to meet up after a whole year of trying! We would make plans and something would always come up. Laguna is almost exactly half way for both of us so around 4 this was my view on the 101 just before pulling into the restaurant.
Its was crisp and sunny out. What a beautiful day. I felt like I was on vacation so I took the touristy vacation picture.
The view from the patio where I nabbed a killer seat along the ocean!
So glad we met up. It was 2 hours of catching up on each others lives - In person finally! Vic and I email and talk on the phone but its always nice to be able to sit across from someone and really have a conversation. We needed it! YAY - So that was the weekend. Sunday I slept in, went over to Pannikin and got some chili and a coffee and sat outside then headed to Senior Grubby's for the Charger game. We beat the bengals by 1 point. Close game! Ended the weekend perfect! Always nice when we win. he he Probably only one more post before I sign off til the new year. 3 days and a wake up til Cardiff!

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Melissa said...

Happy Birthday to Papa Trulson! Your hair looks fab..I love it..the pic of you and your mom is great! SO cute those little nieces of yours and Kelis with Keir..precious!
Hoot glad you love the Owl:-)