Thursday, December 17, 2009

Art of Life

Living in Encinitas has so many little gifts. Its a gorgeous sunny crisp morning and I got a good nights sleep! I was up at 5 and felt well rested. This is so rare I had to take advantage and get up and get my day going! I took a nice long hot shower, did make up, hair and picked up the house, made Keir toast with goat cheese, kissed her g-bye and made my way to Pannikin. ;-) Got my xtra large coffee and a breakfast sandwich. mmmmmmmmmmmm. Walking to the car I see this sign: "Life is like the waves.........You have to ride the ups and downs". How perfectly said.
I think the holidays are always a little difficult for me but this year has been a little lighter with Keir being home. Our little bungalow is always filled with music, incense, candles and we laugh constantly. She makes our home so warm and toasty that I love walking in after work to her on the couch, laptop on her lap, snuggled under a blanket, food and drinks everywhere, socks and shoes as I trip over them in the hallway, every light on in the house, teenage room a complete disaster................and I love it all. Having her home makes riding the ups and downs of life a heck of a lot smoother.
We've been doing a lot of art lately and I feel like I have finally found the style of painting I love. My friend Steve hears me talk about the art I do for friends and family and he is always wanting to see it. He is the king of amazing gifts so after racking my brain trying to figure out what to get the guy who has everything for Chirstmas - I decided to give him a piece of my lil creations. Im dropping it off to him today. Hope he likes it!
Thats all for now. Just a little quickie blog to keep up to date on the haps in my life. Pretty cool these days. Seven more days til Cardiff. Cant even begin to say how excited I am to camp for a whole week! Its gonna be cold but so fun!!!!!!! The clock is ticking...................Ciao for now!

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