Thursday, December 3, 2009

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is the life!

Busy busy busy bee Ive been! Since Keir moved home several weeks ago it has been non-stop! But I love it ;-) Lots of great things have been happenin' ever since Keir moved home. She is getting straight A's. Met a nice guy (see pic above) Blake. She is so happy all the time and her lil sparkle in her eyes is back. We have been so happy and cozy at home. She has a curfew but remarkable as it is she hasnt been late - not even once! Home on time everytime!!!!! YES! We are having so much fun - the whole family is loving having her home - its so fun!
Annual tradition for Keir and I is to go get our tree. As promised we bought a lil tree again this year. Easy in the truck and no arguing! ha ha This year we even dragged poor Blake along. He didnt seem to mind - and we even got him to kinda enjoy it. ha ha a little anyways ;-)

Isnt it just the sweetest lil tree?Next up? Of course off to Islands for dinner! What would christmas tree shopping be without Islands afterwards? ha ha Cheers!
Ok, now this is funny. The kid at the tree lot didnt cut off any branches so the dang tree wouldnt go in the stand. Blake was like OMG take it out again! 3rd time was a charm and we got it in and upright. That was funny. Thats me tightening the tree stand. Thanks Blake!

Sunday - Chargers vs Chiefs. WHOO HOO! Dad and I tailgated b4 the game. We parked under the trolly bridge so it was freezing. 2 spots over was in the blazing hot sun. Oh well. Pops brought out the ol skool Chargers Jackets and I was snug as a bug in a rug. Yippe!Killer seats or what? Hello! Right on the goal line! Hell YES! On my right is Marty from my office. He is the one who always give me tix to the games. Dang, never this close tho! Thanks Marty!
Had Jen, Kelis, Fawn, Karis, Lexi and Keir over for dinner the other night. Made yummi jerk chicken tacos and Jen made fresh salsa and guac. I'll spare Jenny by not posting the salsa pictures. My blender caught the cilantro in the bottom and it jammed. Jen went to pick up the blender and the salsa spilled out the bottom. All of it. Whups. No matter. We scooped it up and ate it anyways. EWE! But it was so good. Who cares. LOL
Our beautiful girls Keir and Kelis
Jen and Kelis stayed for a sleepover and we had a girls night of painting our nails and taking pictures. SO FUN! This one Kelis took. Pretty darn good job for a 4 year old!

Look ma, no make up!

Well thats about it for now. Keir is goin' to her dads this weekend for the first time since she's moved home. Im already missing her just at the thought of it. Luckily I have my office holiday party Saturday so that will keep me busy! Stay tuned for new pics on Monday!


Melissa said...

ok first...EEEWWWWWWWWW...i would have done it too though;-)
yay for your tree and having peanut home for the holidays...OH JOY!
love you!

pinksundrops said...

Aw I love going to get our own Christmas tree. Blake is adorable and how awesome that you are having do much fun with your daughter home. By the way you look stunning getting that tree put together! I love the red scarf!