Thursday, August 26, 2010

Our humble beginnings

1996 was a crazy year. Keir & I embarked on our lil adventure called "Life". She was only 3 when we moved into this lil house in Calrsbad. It was the cutest lil place. So warm. So friendly. So inviting. White fence, tree in the front yard, 1/2 block to the beach. Just the sweetest lil place I could have hoped for us. Right after the BIG change we moved into a place in La Costa. I had her crib, her dresser, her toys...........and for me? A matress on the floor and the love seat portion of a livingroom set. WOW. Those were the days. So months later when we found this place it was like the heavens had opened up and said "Ok, you did it, now here ya your life here a while" and that we did. We lived in this lil house off Garfield in Carlsbad for 2 years until we moved to La Jolla.
Thank you lil house. When I saw you yesterday I had to take your picture so I can look back and be reminded that Keir and I have always found a way to have a nice lil life. Humble as it has always been - its been filled with love, warmth, tender memories and laughter. Funny, looking at this place, it doesnt look much different from the front of our house we live in now in Encinitas. ha ha - Guess were supposed to live in
lil gray beach bungalows ;-)
Works for us!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

The pics aren't opening for me for some reason but sweet little post;-)
You two have come a long way!