Sunday, August 22, 2010

Beginning of Summer?

Not sure what happened this year but mother nature played a pretty crazy trick on all of us native Californians. Cold. Cloudy. Overcast. You name it. Anything but sunshine for months. Here we are all the way to the end of August and the sun decides to shine. No matter. We'll take it!

Keir & I hit the beach Saturday. Sun was warm and the water was clear and sparklie ......Perfect day for us to dive right in. That we did ;-)
Such a killer day
Perfect day at Beacon's
Who knows why but I have a "handle bar mustache" fetish
After the beach we went to our lil local surf shop and listened to a few bands play
We still dont know the name of the one does
Sunday morning I woke up to the sun shining in so bright at 8am I had to rise n shine!
(Mel these are all the hair products I use)
Decided to paint some rocks
Found all of these on my walk on Saturday
While lil miss Keir got ready for work I had some coffee and sat outside and did some journaling
The chime in the background as the breeze blew it bong bong bong
lil bit if happiness
my view as I sit in my chair
Love this ceramic Moroccan drum
Keir all ready for her first day at Hollister
Back to the yard I go


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh...looks like the perfect Cali weekend!
Yay for Keir's new job..she is such a's hard to believe when I 1st met her she was such a little peanut...6 years old!!!
I love the pic of all the haircare..I want them all!
The rocks rock;) and those blue pots are so lovely..that blue is awesome.
Love love love the hair that it!

Anonymous said...

ha..i totally forgot about you and the mustache thing..put that pic on your board..ha!

Zen is in said...

ha ha yup me and the handle bar mustache man.........i was taking pics of him all day! haa haa secret photo stalker