Monday, February 27, 2012

A 45 Yarder And A 44 Year old..................

Guess Im just full of surprises. For the past two weeks Ive been planning Phils 44th birthday party with a little twist. Phil played football all his life through junior college. He had scholarships to several colleges after a couple of years at Palomar but for whatever reason his family didnt approve. He was just a kid and being raised in a big Italian family you just did what you were told. By doing what he was told he declined the offers to play ball. I knew Phil when he played in high school but I dont ever remember seeing him play. We've talked about his football days a lot and I know it is always going to be one of those "What ifs" in his life. I cant change the past but I sure could create some fun in the present. So as a surprise I called Palomar and got approval from the athletic director for us to kick some goals at the college. Saturday I surprised him and we pulled up to the field. He was like what are we doing? He knows how many times Ive said to him "I sure wish I could have seen you kick" so the second question he asked me was "Am I kicking field goals for you?" ha ha YUP. I handed him a ball and some cleats and we hit the field.
After a quick warm up he just kicked the hell outta that ball as if it were 25 years ago. Boom! Goal. Boom! Another goal. Boom! Another. Luckily Jenny and the girls showed up cuz by the third kick he had broken the tee.

Little Kelis said "Dont worry Phil, I'll hold the ball for you with my finger, Ive done it at school!" ha ha what? This lil sweet thing holds the football? I wouldnt even do that! But she went right over there and knew exactly what to do! ha ha Im still laughing!!!!!!!!! A little while later more family and friends arrived...... Rich, Michelle, Cyd and Marty all showed at the field. Phil was kicking goal after goal after goal for an hour and a half. 45 yards was the longest of the day. 25 years ago in High School Phils longest kick was 50 yards. So needless to say.......the guy has still got a foot that coulda, woulda, shoulda gone to college..........But were here now and now its time for another surprise!
Surprise number two!!!!!! A pool party with family and friends!!!!!

We did it!!!! We kept a secret for two weeks! Yahoooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

Keirs boyfriend Matt got on the grill and cooked for 35 people! Ya Matty I owe you big!!!!

Mom, Jenna, Phil and Marianne - Thanks to mom for helping me shop and put the party together. She was a real trooper cuz while I was off enjoying Phil kicking at the college, mom was slaving away at the house cutting up all the lemons, limes, tomatoes...............ha ha poor mom!

Matt Keir Me Phil - A huge thanks to Keir for helping my mom - She got to the house early and got everything all set up at the pool. I put all the tables and decorations out but poor mom and Keir were stuck organizing it all. Ha ha They were awesome and like me, to see Phil so happy made them happy. A lot of planning but so fun.......Phils smile all day was worth a million bucks.

The day ended with Marianne helping us clean up and Phil and Mare jammin to some ol skool tunes.
Im exhausted from all the secrets I had to keep for two weeks but it was all worth it. Phil had an awesome time and that is all I wanted for him. We celebrated his life.............I love you B. You are all of my dreams come true wrapped into one. Happy 44th Birthday. ~Sweet Pea


Unknown said...

Well of course I already knew allll about the secret but so happy to read the details!! Phil was and still is a serious kicker Bun!! Sooo happy your beautiful plan worked out perfectly and Happy Birthday again to Phil! Oh but who is B? ;-)

Unknown said...

It's Mel btw:)))

Zen is in said...

ha ha - "B" is Phil.......We called each other baby and then one day he called me B instead of baby.... So now its just "B".